Wednesday, June 24, 2009

De~Kinked, Good As New!

It took a 21st-century recession to do what The Great Depression and the cold war could not, drive the historic Greenbrier Resort into bankruptcy. Perched in the mountains of West Virginia, it's the latest resort business to fall victim to the recession. The 721-room compound, a registered national landmark, proclaims that 26 presidents have visited and that it once had Sam Snead as its resident golf pro. It even hosted a once-secret 112,000-square-foot bunker, known as Project Greek Island, to be used by Congress in case of a nuclear assault.

We were privileged to stay at the Greenbrier on a company trip in 1994. From the moment you pull under the portico the elegance and history of the resort impress even those who have the means to travel well. I spent the whole trip soaking up the amenities and enjoying the luxuries that I had only seen in travel magazines. Hubby and I went on a historic tour of the area and one day we spent at the spa having Swedish massages. We finished with the Waterworks Hydrotherapy...this was an experience of a lifetime. You STAND in a maze of brass pipes that spray you in all directions, ending with directions to HOLD ON...then they spray your back with a firehose. I am not kidding. The pressure felt amazing and when we left the spa we were definately "de-kinked!"

Greenbrier's Massage Menu
Aromatherapy Massage~Combining the power of pure essential oils with a specialized, pressure point massage, these techniques work to target the nervous system, affecting every organ and structure of the body.

Mountain Hot Stone Massage~Heated, smooth basalt stones incorporated into this unique massage treatment facilitate the balancing of the energy centers in the body and encourage muscle relaxation.

Reflex Trio~This service begins with a tranquil mineral bath and continues in the treatment room where the focus is on the pressure points of the head, hands and feet. Warm stones are used to access reflex points to soothe corresponding areas of the body.

ReikiLight~Touch and non-touch techniques are applied to induce universal healing life force. Reiki will balance and harmonize your body’s energy, both emotionally and spiritually.

Sports Massage~Whether preparing muscles for a specific activity or addressing stress and tension from overuse, the active stretching and rigorous strokes used in this sports massage are a must.

Swedish Massage~Surrender to the luxury of a full-body massage customized to meet your needs. This massage is known for stimulating circulation, reducing stress and purifying the lymphatic system. Pregnancy massage available.

Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient form of therapeutic healing. It’s roots are in India from where it was brought to Thailand over 2000 years ago by Ayurvedic doctors and Buddhist monks. It combines acupressure, energy balancing, stretching and applies yoga exercises, as well as improving flexibility, relation and energy levels.

Ayurvedic Head Massage~Relieve stress and mental fatigue while improving circulation with this ancient healing modality. Including an application of frankincense designed to relieve stress, this head massage increases blood and oxygen supply.

Integrated Reflexology~The pressure points of the feet corresponding to specific areas of the body are stimulated for increased relaxation and circulation.

Waterworks Hydrotherapy~Utilizing The Greenbrier’s philosophy of water, relax in one of our three mineral baths. Service concludes with a cascading vertical body spray, designed to increase circulation and stimulate the body.

I had a wonderful massage this morning that was a Mother's Day gift from thoughtful Hubby. He treats me to these for Valentine's or Birthday gifts since he knows how much I love them!
Sonia Crow has been doing this for 11 years and was so skilled. The room was perfectly lit with low light, relaxing music played and you can hear the waterfall in the background. The table is well padded and comfortable enough to fall asleep during the massage but being the thrifty person I am, I stay awake and enjoy every moment!

The Health Benefits of Massage
* Massage calms the nervous system and promotes a sense of relaxation and well being.
* Massage reduces tension and anxiety.
* Massage improves blood circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
* Massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away the body’s waste products.
* Massage prevents and relieve muscles cramps and spasms.
* Massage therapy can help with pain management in conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, muscle spasms.
Remind yourself of these health benefits if you start to feel guilty about getting massage!


  1. Too bad about that lovely resort. I'm just really hatin' on this economy thing! Glad you enjoyed your massage...what a treat.

  2. A massage sounds heavenly! It's been too long since I"ve had one!

  3. What a shame that this historic landmark has closed its doors. Amazing that such an established business would go under.

  4. That sure is a big place. There is a place not too far from here called "Sharon Springs" People from all over used to flock there to sit in the mineral water. The water is sulfur and stinks..Ha! But some of those old building are so unique. I wish I could drive up through there again and take some photos. I think it was owned by Jews years ago and they all wore these funny hats like the Amish do. I can still recall seeing some of them on the roads there.

  5. dekinked, eh? Love it. Sorry to hear about the Greenbrier Resort.

  6. I hope they find some way to keep it open or to re-open it someday. The U.S. doesn't have that many beautiful places with a history. So sad. This economy sucks!

    The massage sounds wonderful though!

  7. i was sad when i read about this too, but how wonderful you have your memories... and a message... i would love one now too!

  8. I should have said in my post that the Greenbrier is going to continue to operate while in bankruptcy. Marriott are rumored to be interested in buying...
    joy c. at grannymountain


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