Thursday, June 25, 2009


The same day I had the Cyberspace Train Wreck last Friday, I received my new Pandigital One Touch Scanner in the mail. I ordered it after I saw it demonstrated on QVC. Idiot proof, it is wonderful! You can sit on the couch and scan picture after picture using the ac adapter. Then later when you want to download to the computer you just plug in the USB cord and goes straight into your computer! This opens a whole new world to me of pictures from long ago, and I mean LONG AGO. I have my Mom's pictures and her Mom's pictures, going back to the 1860's. I have organized those but strangely enough, I still had ours in a big box. It's been on my "To-Do-List" a long time. Please don't think I'm an awful Mom! I have albums too but there was this huge amount of pictures that I had never done anything with. When the girls come for visits, they dive into them and relive their childhoods.

I have used the scanner for a couple posts already so I thought, hey...this is a good time to get this box in order. I like order. I can't believe I've let these set so long. Cooking, cleaning, running errands, paying bills, taking care of kids and parents...lots of excuses why I haven't organized them but I'm motivated now!

I have the dining room table covered in pictures right now sorting and trying to remember when pictures were taken. I should have written on the backs, but I didn't so now I'm organizing by house, this was a way that I can remember years. Then when those piles are done I break them down into birthdays, holidays, births...then years. Next I'll fill the pages of the album with favorites from each year. When the album is filled I'll file the remaining in the photo box by year.
This is how Mom's pictures look. The album held 300 pictures and the box was sorted by year, 1946-1970...that was when we married and the pictures now go into our albums.
Don't they look nice?

Lead Hill Picnic, Boone County Arkansas July 4th, 1906.
My Grandparents' and their parents are in the picture.
I love my scanner!


  1. That looks like a daunting task, but you seem to have it well in hand.

  2. I couldn't live without my scanner. I just think it's the berries. Not only for the blogs but to capture memories in time and place them somewhere safe. I'm always worried about a fire or flood taking out my pictures. Storing them online helps to relieve some of that fear.

    Your table looks like my craftroom area. I have tons of pics to do but i'm doing them a few at a time.

    Best of luck with your venture.

  3. looks like you are having a blast! perfect winter project too~

    thanks for all you sweet words about tucker to me too...

  4. I love traditional photo albums. Sometimes I look at old photos of my children,my marriage,my parents...Bye.

  5. Oh wow look at you getting all organized!! Don't cha just love that feeling?? BTW what is a POA? Just that like a homeowner's association thing?

  6. Thanks for your visit to hill country house! I am so impressed with your photo project - I really need to do the same!

  7. I bought a digital photo converter, but haven't made the plunge yet on all the photos.....

  8. Wowza . . . you are so wonderfully organized! And you bake pies and use a scanner! I've really got to work up some courage! Thanks for the inspiration

  9. I need an idiot proof scanner and some time with boxes and boxes of photographs. You are so organized! I'm impressed.
    Happy Twirls

  10. Thanks again for the comments and for thinking I'm organized...if that were true this big box of pictures wouldn't have sit in the family room for upteen years waiting to be put in albums! haha
    joy grannymountain

  11. My hero! Is that scanner that easy? Wow..I would love to do tat.
    I love organized:)

  12. I have seen that little scanner on QVC and almost thought about buying one but by now I think I already have every single old photo scanned into my computer.. But that little gadget would have made it so much faster. Have fun with it!! looks like you have quite a task ahead..Ha!
    Love your old photos!!


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