Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Have you noticed how hard life is these days? I mean with the economy the way it is and trying to make ends meet. Lord help us if we have doctor bills or prescriptions to buy. I shouldn't complain, I'm grateful that my husband has a job. We live a very comfortable life with few big worries. By "Big Worries" I mean health or money problems. But it's still hard. In fact, bargains are as
"Scarce as Hen's teeth!"

I was talking to our GRANDson Gavin the other day. His birthday is coming up and we are having some in depth conversations about a remote control helicopter he saw on an infomercial. I told him I'd check it out, but that "Money didn't grow on trees." I told him that Papa and I have to stretch our dollars these days. He told me maybe someone needs to invent rubber money, the kind that stretches. He's 9, but he's sharp!

If you find a path with no obstacles...it probably doesn't lead anywhere.


  1. So true...but I always think (like you) aren't we the lucky ones...

  2. When our girls were little we used to say "we don't have the money for it", and get "just get some from the bank" as an answer. They have since learned it doesn't work that way... :-)

  3. When my son was little...as a joke i told him the Tooth Fairy was out of money....and....he said...{"that's OK i'll take a check or plastic!!"

    Stay warm.....LindaMay

  4. Sad but true...funny chicken! Come say hi :D

  5. Money that stretches.... that kid is on to something!

  6. Gavin needs to run for office. He's got my vote; I like the way he thinks!

  7. Love the chicken picture!!! Life IS hard lately - I agree! And I'm so tired of it! Some days ya just wanna stay in yer jammies all the liv-long day and not bother to get dressed for a WEEK! It's gotta get better - thats what I keep telling myself!

  8. I agree - times are hard. My hubby is out of work since October. I think I can feel the stress of the nation too. Prayers for everyone. Sandie

  9. Hahaha.... Your grandson is such a genius! haha...


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