Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm the Dinosaur that Roams the Earth...

I'm not one of the millions of people that are tied to a cell phone. My use requires the most basic easy phone available, a Tracphone. But I am not the norm, I'm the
Dinosaur that roams the Earth...Grandma is my name!
My calls are quick and to the point...
"bring home milk... what time are you planning on meeting me... I'm running a little late."

If I lost my phone it wouldn't be the end of the world, they sell them for $20 at Walmart and I'd just get another. But with most people, the dilemma of losing their Portable Information Cataloging Gadget, i.e. cellphone~ they'd lose contact with people entirely! The information that Iphones, Blackberrys and other PDA's hold these days is mindboggling. It holds documents, account contacts and personal information we don't want shared.


I saw this on Twitter the other day and saved the site...just in case Hubby loses his Iphone. It could happen, his Blackberry is at the bottom of Beaver Lake...DON'T ASK!!!


  1. I'm another Granny from prehistoric times. My phone is just that - a phone. Well, it does have a camera on it but there's not much use in using it because I can't send a photo anywhere. I don't text either. Just the phone to make calls. Even with that app I would be concerned to have that much information on a device that could easily be lost. Of course if it was at the bottom of a lake I wouldn't worry to much. LOL!!!

  2. ~i am not a granny yet but i guess prehistoric too...i have a phone that gets the job done...i had to get a new one a few months ago and went in...

    i need a phone
    just a phone
    that will last me more than a few months
    no bells and whistles
    i do not text

    the worker started laughing...oh i get it you don't text but your friends text you

    no i do not text...i do not send them
    i do not receive them
    i do not want to pay MORE money for such

    he started really don't text...i couldn't imagine

    well imagine dear back to the phone...plain and simple please...

    so many lives would and do come to an end all over a little piece of electronic equiptment...i haven't quite questions asked about the phone in the lake...sounds very familiar to my one...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. I am WITH you on this one - - - I really don't like my phone and barely use it.

    BUT, if we do actually move to WI as we plan, I am CONSIDERING getting a phone that can take and receive photos and videos so I too will get the darling little grandchildren updates that daughter #1 currently only sends to her father!


  4. I love my IPhone. It really is mind boggling as to what is available on it. My daughter installed 20 free apps on it while visiting us last June. I just updated all of them. I love the TV guide, dictionary, calculator, etc. It is very handy to be able to go on line while traveling and retrieve my e-mail. I always get lost so the GPS is handy. I paid for the ability to spy on the dogs when out shopping. I need to make sure they aren't getting into any mischief and are safe:-) The list goes on. I do have one major complaint for AT&T poor signal where we live :-( I will now check out the video. Thanks, Joycee

  5. Blackberry.
    Beaver Creek.

  6. Since inquiring minds want to know...Hubby lost his phone while "helping" the guy fill our tank on the boat at the marina. It went KER PLOOP into the drink, never to be seen again! In one fell swoop, we dropped 100 bucks for gas and $150 for the phone!

  7. My husband assured me if I would just read the book and learn how to use my phone, I would love it. I'm pretty much anti-intructions so we'll see what happens.


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