Friday, October 22, 2010

Can I take your order, please?

I have my fingers crossed that GRANDson Jackson will get the job at Subway. It will be his first one, unless you count mowing yards. That was a hard one too in San Antonio Texas...ever try mowing in an OVEN??? He's been filling out applications, going everyplace that might hire a 16 year old. That almost always means fast food or some other minimum wage job.

My first real job was at a flower shop. I was in the DECA-VICA program in high school and they tried to pair you with a job that would develop into a career. I had a wonderful boss who wanted to teach and she shared so much that she had learned though the years. There were two of us who were student employees that year. Lana and I attended school half days and afternoons we worked at the shop. Some of the work was hard, putting away a big order of flowers was time consuming and you ended up with "battle scars" from de-thorning the roses. Water had to be changed daily and cleaning the shop was all part of our duties. We delivered flowers to the nursing homes and hospital daily, Harrison was a small town so deliveries were a piece of cake. My favorite was the wedding work. In the 1960's flower shops also provided wedding consultation. From picking out your china, crystal and silverware to pre-wedding showers to the ceremony, the shop was there to set up and service the event. Can you imagine what that costs now??? I worked there the last three years of high school and really learned a lot. I've used what I learned in my own home and over the years it's been great to see an arrangement I love, then come home and make it!

Every job we have prepares us in some way for life. If you are a waitress, you learn to balance life like plates....

If you work in an office you learn how to muliti-task...

If you are a dish washer you learn the importance of working fast...

...and no matter how young you are, service with a smile means everything!


  1. Doing the "Happy Dance" this morning...he got the job!!!

  2. Happy Days? Jobs are so hard to come by these days. I hope Jordan likes it. I am sure come payday he will have a big grin on his face.

  3. Congrats, glad to hear he got the job! I think everyone should work in a "service" type job when they are young. Whether a restaurant, store, etc. it's a good lesson in life to learn what it is like to be on the "other side" of the counter!

  4. Wonderful news!! Hope he likes it!

    My first job was working in my Aunt's shop for every day during my summer holidays when I was 15 (3 months) - she gave me a bracelet at the end (zero pay) - I was sooooo disappointed :-((

  5. So glad he got the job! I had plenty of what I thought were soul-destroying jobs when I was his age, but you're right, you learn something from all of them!


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