Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Decorating Rules

We started putting some of the Christmas decorations outside last weekend. I hope my neighbors won't talk about us like I do Walmart for putting things out so dang early. If we wait, the weather invariably turns cold and then it's miserable to get out and hang lights or garland. One year my devoted Hubby put lights up in an ice storm. He only did that one time and I think it was the year our first Grandson was born. Having lights on the eaves was at the top of MY list that year anyway! We are not wasters of electricity...that said let me put some addendums to the statement.

Christmas Decorating Rules
#1 All things deemed EXTRAVAGANCE can  be justified as NECESSITY if it pertains to GRANDchildren's happiness.

#2 Parents and Grandparents are responsible for, not exclusively but to a large part, for the making of memories with lighting displays, large trees and animated characters.

#3 All things made at school take precedence over anything store bought, no matter how elegant or sparkly.

We have enough lights that we can never put them all up. Most live in special clear storage boxes on shelves built just for them in the garage. Years of collecting, we have red, clear, multi-color...we have icicle, single strand, twinkling, non-twinkling, 7watt "old-fashioned", mini lights and now some of the new LED lights that will actually SAVE us money. Gradually, I am replacing the older "wasters" with the new "savers." I wait until Christmas is over every year, then I buy when they mark them down to 75% off.

So for now, I shop, I buy, I decorate.  From now until Christmas Eve no bauble, sparkly ornament or pine fragranced bough is safe. I am Grandma and I am on a mission. By the time the GRANDkids arrive we WILL have an adequate number of lights, enough food for an army and presents under the tree. There WILL be copious wasting of electricity, overeating and merrymaking!


  1. Amen to that! After all, isn't making memories for our grandchildren & family what Christmas is all about? Happy decorating!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. Anything that pertains to the grandchildren - throw the rules away. teehee sandie

  3. I am going to be over the top sacreligious here.








    This year.

    I have unpacked one to many boxes in the past two weeks, and before that I packed about 10 too many boxes and I just can't face ONE MORE BOX!!!!!

    It's probably just going to be Fisherhubby and me this year anyway - - - -

    At least that is my plan at this moment. Mayhaps when Christmas is a mere days away I shall relent and open a box or two - - -

  4. You go girl! Last week I mailed a check to my "kids" to help them get up to & through the Holidays...I mean, it's sitting there earning a lousy percentage and my kids are worth more than that!!! I,too, believe that kids must be the center because without them, we would be BLAH!!!!...:)JP

  5. We have a string of lights out front and a string of lights out back that stay up year round. White lights. If I am feeling festive, or lonely or empty or want cheery lights when I pull in, I light them. WHO CARES what the neighbors think? My neighbors? NOPE. DO. NOT. CARE!
    I'm getting my tree out this week. We are expecting 14 for Thanksgiving and I want my little tree up in the fireplace room. It is so cozy. I always leave it up at least until New Year's day. Sometimes longer. :-) Hugs, Cheryl

  6. You're so right, Joycee. I don't even bother to buy any lighting for our Chinese new year celebration or any other celebrations. I prefer to spend more in food and something necessary. Yet still the joy of gathering is more important. Hope you're having a fabulous day & stay warm.
    Blessings, Kristy
    p/s how is Ben, btw?


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