Monday, November 8, 2010

McGregor Spaeks

Heallo  to the bloggies out thaer in that inter net box. I haer of it by way of the house derg, Ben. He tls us Gaboozies whaet goes on insid the big house. Me house is in the tree, quite comphy for just a bachler such as meself.

It's gettin' cold heare in the mountains so I've been gatherin' up nuts and berries for the winter. The squirrels try to steal 'em all but I outsmert them. I go huntin' for nuts while they are a'snoozin at neight.

The leaves are gettin' deep so I know the snow will ferlow soon...

The house lady put this odd maen out to keep me company. He's not much of a talker tho. I'm tryin' to figger out how to get the big arnge berrie into me house in the tree!

I love liven here on grenny mtn, its pceful and the treas sml goode.
I haeve jst aboute everthin I knead, 'cept a wife. Mybe thts not so bad!


  1. I like the spot where the lawn chairs and table are sitting. I can just imagine on a sunny day in the spring, summer,fall one can sit & gulp in the fresh air and enjoy a glass of iced tea or a cup of java. How serene that would be. The gnome is cute and very talkative.. I think he likes living at your home. Better put a scarf on him to keep him warm this winter. Have a great day in those lovely mountains..~! ta ta for now~! from Iowa..

  2. Ah, your mcgregor seems like a fine fellow to be livin' mongst your trees. I think you should pick up one or two of those little bitty pumpkins the next time you're at the grocery store ...surprise the little gnome with a mcgregor-size 'arnge berrie' all his own. Just a thought.

    : )

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging, McGregor! You will love it ALMOST as much as your tree home in that lovely woods.

  4. Enjoyed visiting and the tour about McGregor's neck of the woods! He is a cutie!

  5. Such pretty pictures! What a lovely place to live.


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