Friday, November 5, 2010

The Picture Box...

I've been in the picture box this week. Amy wanted me to scan some old pictures and send them. None of these were the one's she asked for, but I sent them anyway. I can't help it, I love these pictures and she was just so darn cute! Red hair and freckles, what a perfect combination. Amy could be "girly girl" one minute and the next...

...the biggest tomboy on the block!

She had a gaggle of friends at this age, and they spent the night at our house...or their house every weekend!

I don't know how she went from 14 to 30 in the blink of an eye. She's probably wondering that too!

Her sister Stephanie was pregnant with our first GRANDson Jackson in this picture taken Easter 1994.

How did this one get in the mix??? This is Fred and Ethel, they set on our porch every Halloween when the girls were growing up!

Out of the two girls Amy is the "quieter one," that's not to say she is quiet! We are an outspoken bunch, opinionated, passionate about our beliefs and loud at gatherings. Christmas is going to be a lot of fun this year, we are all going to be together for the first time in several years. I can't wait, but this time the GRANDson's will run the show. It will be hard to keep up but I'm taking my vitamins!


  1. What a pretty young lady...enjoyed the pictures.

  2. Great photos! I love visiting a peek into a life. Lovely post.

  3. I think it's so fun to look back at our children and see how they have grown and the accomplishments they have achieved... Thanks for a peek...ta ta for now,,,from Iowa

  4. I love old photos! Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your family.

  5. Your header photo absolutely takes my breath away. Is that close by or were you on a trip?

    These photos are just wonderful. Isn't is scary how quickly they grow. Your girls are beautiful, so are Fred and Ethel, how fun is that! Thanks for sharing the pics with us, it was really fun and made me think of my oldest who will be turning 29 this December.

  6. It was great looking at all your photos and hearing some stories behind them. Thanks so much for sharing. Your daughters are beautiful.

  7. Oh the box of photos. What treasures we can find in there. Keep digging and scanning.

  8. love the photos! nothing beats a walk down memory lane especially this time of year! have a great weekend.

  9. Beautiful girls!

    It sounds like you have a wonderful holiday in store.

    It is so hard these days to get the whole family together. I miss that.

  10. What a beautiful daughter(s) you have. It is hard to comprehend how quickly life moves. One minute you're the little one and the next minute, you're having little ones and then they are having little ones. It's a grand scheme though--a grand one :)


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