Thursday, January 27, 2011

American Idol Amateur Hour

A new season of American Idol has begun and I'm in hog heaven.!I don't watch a lot of network shows but this one captures my attention. Kind of a mix between the old Candid Camera and Ted Mack's Amateur Hour, it's makes me laugh and cry. The judges this year have changed, except for Randy. He remains to keep the new ones in check, to remind them why they are there. For Steven Tyler, that's a must! He's on stage wherever he is, I can imagine him belting into song and hamming it up at any opportunity. That's not to say he's not going to be a good judge. His musical talent is off the charts, he's just in a "different place" than the rest of the world most of the time! Jennifer Lopez is going to be a mix between Kara and Paula I think.

The crazies come out, the ones who are there just for the exposure. Surely they don't expect to be chosen, but who knows?

There's a fine line between dressing for success and dressing for disaster!

Wearing an outfit to stand out from the crowd can be dangerous...

Some choose "props" to make them memorable.

This guy's hobby was Civil War Enactments and it didn't parlay well into a career in show biz.

This contestant looked like he would have the best voice ever and bless his heart, he didn't.

It doesn't hurt in this competition to be beautiful, luckily her voice matched her looks!

Sometimes the audition doesn't go so well and they have to cry and beg, that worked for this girl.

Sometimes you just aren't cut out for the music business. This guy was a college student who's major in communications was going to take him somewhere. He had the radio voice downpat and most likely will be very successful in his quest to be a radio host.

It's America at it's finest and it's worst. It's the American Dream played out on reality TV. American Idol fills that period of the year when nothing good is on and we've got the wintertime blues. Love it or hate it, it's the best they can come up with these days!


  1. I'd planned on boycotting the show since Simon wasn't on it - but did manage to catch one last week...and I liked it. Had company last night, so I missed it - maybe tonight! You are making me want to watch it! (Thanks for the FB soup. : -)

  2. Hi Joycee ~ I watched the season opener to check out the new judges! I really miss Paula and Simon and wasn't too impressed with the new crew so I haven't watched it since. My hubby is HOOKED!

  3. I don't watch it because Joe "owns" the remote! Someday, it will be my turn!...:)JP

  4. Joycee -- I loved your commentary on some of the contestants -- you cracked me up. Joni


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