Monday, January 31, 2011

Roba Dolce Treasure!

Nothing, absolutely nothing is better than a surprise that comes out of the blue! Last week when the doorbell rang mid-morning I didn't have a clue who it could be. I should have recognized the quick bing-bong, it's the certain way that UPS or FedEx rings the bell in their no nonsense-onto the next delivery way. You know what I'm talkin' about!

As soon as I saw the big box I remembered.
Karen over at This Old House 2 had graciously offered a contest for us Winter Weary, Blizzard Bonked Bloggers. She asked her readers to simply offer up some new flavors for Roba Dolce to consider. Two winners would be chosen and they would receive a full case of their delicious gelatos and sorbetos. Everyone who commented would be getting a gift in the mail. Was I reading this wrong? Roba Dolce was letting us suggest our favorite flavors AND they were going to reward us with gelato? Too good to be true! I've been buying mine at my local Aldi, but looking over their site I see Walgreens and even some of our convienence stores carry it in store brands. I'm going to demand that our local Sam's Club buy it for us, I'm hoping my clout with buying large quantities of paper products may sway them!

They had sent 5 large containers of frozen Heaven and 3 individual sizes perfect for one. Coconut, Pistaschio, Dark Chocolate, Mango and Lemon. Packed in dry ice to arrive is perfect condition, it was frozen hard as a rock!

It's barely 9AM, I'm in my robe and fluffy socks unpacking my treasures when I realize I need to get hold of myself and take a picture of them for the blog. Well, before I put them in the freezer I should take a picture of one of the single serves. After all, that would save time.

I opened the Lemon Sorbeto and almost took a bite. No, it's too early. I'll just scoop it out and take a picture then put them all in the freezer.

Isn't it pretty in the dish, all frosty and fresh? One little bite won't hurt. Ohhhh, just like a fresh lemon, that ting on your tongue that reminds you of summertime and birds singing. Silky and cold, I ate the whole thing. At 9AM I had gulped down a serving without even thinking how many calories. It was too good to be diet...remember I'm supposed to be on one, I turned the container around and got the surprise of my said 120 calories! How can that be??? 

That night we sampled the Pistachio Gelato. Loaded with nuts, creamy and smooth, but only 8% butterfat compared to 14-18% with premium ice cream. More flavor and less fat, amazing!

Over the weekend we made a real dent in the mango sorbeto (like eating a fresh mango) AND the chocolate(dark and decadent, just the way I like it)  and coconut (toasty, coconut-y and Creeeeeamy) gelatos. If you take a bite of  coconut and chase it with a bite of the Dark have an Almond Joy!!!

Our favorites are the Lemon, Mango, Chocolate, Coconut and Pistachio! All of them, they are all delicious and irrisistable and addictive...but in a good way!

Go to Roba Dolce's website and find out where you can buy this yummy goodness. Even if you're dieting, this is like two rice cakes. Nothing equals two rice cakes so I'm saying go buy some today! Here's a coupon for $1 off, aren't they NICE???

Click Here to print a coupon

Thanks to Karen and Roba Dolce for giving us a little Italian get-a-way, right smack dab in the middle of winter!


  1. Wow, what a pleasant surprise! Nothing like a good gelato and it sounds like you got the best.

  2. What a fun surprise for you in the mail! They all look so yummy. I'm on my way now to check out their website to see where I can buy some!

  3. You've done a wonderful job with this review!! The photos are awesome, your phrase is ofcourse appreciated, Hey, want a job???....

    Thank you from Roba Dolce! Roba Dolce is so pleased you are happy with their gelato and sorbetto.

    I hope you're all feeling better, by the way -

  4. Joycee -- what a fun suprise in the mail -- I also received mine, but we haven't tried many of the flavors yet, but I loved the pistachio -- best pistachio I have ever eaten. Happy eating! Joni

  5. wonderful review and I LOVE that photo with the Lemon ~

  6. I've never heard of it before. I'll be checking it out as soon as I can pull up the site. Thank you!

  7. Getting gelato in the mail?!? Now that is the coolest surprise! It would've made my day - heck, my week!
    I came over to visit from Home in the Hollow.

  8. Oh, how I wish I got a doorbell ditcher like that! What a great surprise and the flavors sound to die for. I have never seen this in our stores, but we do have Walgreens and I will have to check there and/or go on their website and to have it be low fat, low cal is wonderful, that way I can eat my other high fat foods!

    I followed the link to the local paper, how fun was that! Thanks for letting me know about the hog burger!

  9. I'm gonna have to get me some before this monster snowstorm arrives here in Vermont!!!


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