Friday, January 14, 2011

Squiggly is the new Round

A friend on Facebook posted she was out of sorts last week, feeling like she lived in a world of perfectly round or square pegs...but she was the squiggly one! Isn't that how we all feel from time to time? Wintertime after Christmas, I begin to feel hermit-ish. I want to stay home and hibernate, but more than that I just want to be alone. I wouldn't call it depression because I don't feel blue. I just feel un-social, not fit to be around, off my feed. Well, not off my feed...that never happens! My appetite stays the same, good days or bad, every 4-5 of my waking hours are spent hunting and/or gathering food.

I've read about seasonal depression and it's a legitimate condition that many people in the Northern states suffer from each winter. Cold, bleak and dreary days make us look on the dark side of things. It's amazing how just a sunny day, even if it's cold will perk up your spirits. Some people find that exercise is what keeps them going strong mentally and physically. Wish I was one of those. I have slug blood and am perfectly content being stuck in the house for days. That never happens though, I rarely get to stay home for two days in a row. Life interferes and makes to-do lists for me. Groceries, bills, recycling, errands, visit Mom, visit in-laws, GRANDson on Friday night...repeat. Not complaining (well, I guess officially I am!) but I just wish I could stay home, make soup and wear my flannel shirt and the fat fluffy socks that I got for Christmas. God forbid that I'm ever homeless, but if I am..I hope I can have my pink fluffy robe and the fat fluffy socks to keep me warm! Whoever invented micro fleece, I love you!

The world we live it takes a toll on us sometimes. It drains our energy until one day we just don't even want to get out of bed. It makes us want to just throw our hands up in the air and give up or lay down in the floor and have a little Hissy Fit. Remember when you were 3 and could get away with that? Right there at the grocery store, in front of everyone just scream your lungs out and demand to have that shiny toy. It felt good, it cleared the air, it made Mom take notice that you needed something. Just not the shiny toy. Most likely you needed a little "attention" from Mom. She would give it to you in the form of a swat on the bottom or even a "look." My Mom had the most effective "You're in big trouble Missy when we get home" look that you can imagine. It would turn my worst mood into "I'll be good!"

The world has changed though. We aren't all round pegs that fit in round holes or square pegs that fit in square holes. Sometimes we are Squiggly pegs that defy the holes, we cause the waves that make life interesting. Not bad being a Squiggly Peg, it's kinda fun keeping people guessing what you're gonna do next!


  1. It's me, your squiggly friend! I would so love to have a hissy fit once in a while and not be carted off to the looney bin.

    I do like being squiggly. What's tiring, I think, is being expected (or to at least feel like you're expected) to wrap all of your squiggles up in some kind of virtual Spanx so that you'll fit into one of those round or square holes.

    Have a great day, Joy!

  2. There is certainly nothing wrong with staying in your bathrobe and fluffy socks or a day or two or even three if you want. That is what I am always so grateful have that choice

  3. Here lately I have stayed in my PJ's until 11 every day..then I get dressed.. Why confine your body to the clothes when you can just hang out with your PJ's. Plus I do my best house cleaning in my PJ's.. Loved your post today, lots to think about.. I guess I try to stay on the squiggly side of life.. It's more fun that way.
    Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa...

  4. Joycee, sometimes the Winter months get me poopy too! I'm such an outside person...:)JP

  5. Food for thought, my squiggly friend. This was a great read. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  6. I know my kids think I am very squiggly. Cute and it made me think too. It is always rounder and squarer on the other side of the fence isn't it!

  7. We all feel squiggly sometimes. Sometimes we even get in a 'blue funk'. My sis originated that term and I think it describes the mood quite well.

    I can be more isolated than most....and I don't mind. The last time I was out of the house was the day before it snowed. I don't even know how many days ago.....and that was to go to the feed store!

  8. I am so glad I live in South Texas where our winters are short. It has been gray and cloudy all week, which is unusual! I don't like it!

  9. I too feel like a hermit during the winter months. I would be content to stay inside when there's no sun. I am especially having trouble being back in Indiana after living in sunny Florida for two years. Great article!

  10. Excellent read Joy. I've gotten to a stage in my life where I have re-organized my priorities and if that means hanging out in comfy clothes all day, so be it!

    Being "squiggly" is just fine by me...

    Thank you so much for sharing...I'm getting through these dreary cold days with lots of sweets and gardening magazines!!!


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