Saturday, May 28, 2011

 Memorial Day is the traditional "start" to summer here and usually the campsites are full at the local parks. This year water covers many of the campsites and it's just too wet to think about camping. After a month of rain and cool temperatures, it's a lot different from last year. The water was 60 degrees the last time we checked, not warm enough to swim or ski unless you are part polar bear! Kids don't care how cold it is though, they are tough!

Most of us are just out on the water to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. There's nothing like having the whole day ahead of you with nothing but "down time!"

My favorite thing to do is to take pictures and just enjoy the scenery. It's a peaceful way to spend a day away from the noisy outside world...

... that is, unless Gavin comes along!


  1. Yes, he doesn't look like he'd be too peaceful! Unless he was asleep :)

  2. Peace and quiet is wonderful but there's nothing like the laughter of a child!!...:)JP

  3. You are so right I enjoy taking it all in and taking photos as well.I wanted to go camping so badly but oh well life called so I couldn't.:(Thanks for the photos it just took me back and that gave me a lil joy.)

  4. That is some beautiful scenery to take in! Gavin looks like a handful. I'm sure I love to have just a tad of his energy.

  5. BONJOUR!!!! Your getaway here is marvelous, and to think you escaped it a bit to come to visit my imagination, à la Parisienne! THANK YOU AND IT MEANS A LOT TO ME that people would enjoy my Balzac!!! HAVE FUN THIS WEEKEND! Anita


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