Sunday, August 21, 2016

Loved Life And All Challenges

About the time I think I've told you everything that's stored in my memory bank,

I realize there's more! A trip back "home" to Springfield, Missouri yesterday was like walking down memory lane. 

It was filled with family and food,

really good Mexican food!

We drove by a million place where we've had coffee,

or spent nickles when I was a kid.

Places where I was spelling bee champion,

and places that inspired me to dream about what my life could be.

I walked these halls as a freshman feeling very small and unprepared for what life held for me. Yesterday when I stood in front of Central, somehow I felt 14 again. It was 1966, I had yet to meet the love of life, ahead of me was motherhood and travel, elation and despair, growth and loss.

I miss my brother. I miss talking to him on the phone and email. We never had the chance to text each other, he would have taken to that like a duck to water...he was like that!

He was the kind of person who loved to learn new things. He loved cool cars, pressed jeans and once he ate 8 hot dogs, one after the other!

Marble pyramid made by Hobert Sheldon Risley February 1960, age 13.


  1. I love tagging along on your walks down memory lane.

  2. Sorry for your loss...time heals but loss never goes away.
    I could take a big bite out of the burro....

  3. I didn't realize you had lost a brother in Vietnam. Very sad. It was such a different time then. Guys barely got out of highschool before they were "sent". Babies.
    I'm really sorry.

  4. Great post. Isn't it surreal to go home?
    xo, Cheryl

  5. So sorry for the loss of your brother. That is a beautiful school. Loved your trip down memory lane! Most of my memories have escaped me. I miss them.

  6. Hey, a Springfield native! DH went to Central. He was about 14 years before you. Is that Drury Chapel's spire?

  7. My brother made it home safe from Vietnam, but passed away at 55 from congestive heart failure. His death left a huge void in my life, I am so lucky to still have my SISTER in law. Glenda you are good, that's Drury's Chapel spire in the picture!

  8. I'd love to stick a fork in that burrito!!..

    Your brother sounds like a truly wonderful man. Thanks for the walk down memory lane, I love seeing new places and hearing old tales.

  9. Enjoyed reading back posts. I lost my middle brother in Viet Nam-my opinion-a senseless war.

    I remember some of the places you showed while I have traveled around Spfd. (I live about 90 Miles from there and see some doctors there and do my major shopping there). Have never been to Drury Chapel but will be going there for a wedding in August!.

  10. Gosh I missed this post! I've walked many of the same roads you have and probably sat at the same booth at the original Mexican Villa! I went to SMSU (MSU now) and used to have a little pot of baked beans from this Steak and Shake!
    It's so wonderful to share the same memories about such a great place to grow up.
    I'm sorry about your sweet brother. That must be so hard.
    Take care my friend,


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