Friday, December 2, 2011

Merry Christmas to me!

I got my BIG present yesterday... no, it wasn't a new car. I'd really have liked a shiny red sports car. I can imagine myself behind the wheel looking all thin and young, I have a real good imagination!

I knew even before I set down in Dr. Weir's office that I was going to be purchasing a bright, shiny crown for my molar I broke last Friday. We'd hit the trail early (after being up late) hunting for bargains. We were both pretty worn out, but on our way home I had to run into the grocery store for bread and while I was in line I spotted a Heath Bar. I used to love those things and I hadn't had one in years! I opened the little brown package and broke the bar in half, we always share the calories! My piece broke into the larger one, imagine that! I crunched down on the milk chocolate and toffee and savored the bite... it was a little hard, like a rock.

"Wow, they cooked this one too long, it's hard!" Jerry munched away at his and in three bites it was gone. "Mine's good," he said. I rolled the rock around in my mouth a little while, making sure to get all the chocolate off and then spit it out in my hand. It didn't look like toffee at all. It was jagged and white with gray filling. 

I think I ate some of my tooth but the remaining corner of my molar I kept, hoping I'd get some kind of refund that I could apply to the new one! I asked Dr. Weir if he could glue it back, but I knew what the answer was.

It wasn't too bad and took less than an hour. I have a temporary crown in now and in a couple weeks I'll go back and he'll put me back good as new.

I have to say picking out a color for a new molar wasn't near as much fun as choosing one for a sports car! Have a good weekend and watch out for "rocks" in your food!


  1. Some people will do anything to be 'the queen' Enjoy your crown. With the cost of dental work, you probably could have bought that sports car.

  2. I could think of many things other than a crown I'd rather have for Christmas! Maybe the Tooth Fairy will work something out with Santa and you'll have a great surprise under the tree come Christmas morning.

  3. That sounds like a good present! You wouldn't want to wait for a while - would you?

  4. I have one that needs fixed and yet I keep putting it off. I have never had one. I know it is oodles of money. And not fun money like a sports car! Where is the dern tooth fairy when we need him?

  5. I'm cringing just thinking about dental issues. Thanks for the thought... NOT. Good for you for getting right on it and getting it taken care of!

    Now, cross Heath Bars and Slow Pokes off your list. You wouldn't want to lose that investment!

  6. Joycee, I just had to get a crown on my back one...they geave me what my dentist called "a workhorse" becasue I broke mine on a mouthfull of almonds!...:)JP

  7. I'd say a Crown means you're a QUEEN!
    Wear it with pride, Your Majesty!

    (Bummer! I hate dental work.)

  8. Yes, I hate those kind of unexpected gifts we have to buy ourselves.
    Glad you were able to take it in stride.

  9. Oh bummer! That is not a fun time. I am so sorry for you. I can really sympathize. I just finished a lot of dental work myself which included 2 crowns. Hope you don't have any more for a very very long time.

  10. I hate going to the dentist.

    The last time it was for a large filling that fell out; he wanted to do a crown and I refused. He gave in and said well we can try a filling, "it might last as long as you!" He is just a little younger than me.

    I told him to give it a shot....that was several years ago and it is still with me and I am still kicking!

  11. Now that's a bloggers devotion, taking your camera to your own dentist,lol. Richard

  12. I want to hear the conversation between you and your dentist when you pulled out your camera to take pictures. Lol.
    We bloggers are the strangest group ever aren't we?


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