Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin People

It's that special time of year when neighborhoods everywhere come alive with imaginative Halloween displays. Everyone tries to outdo the neighbor next door. This couple may be a little too racy for Granny Mountain!

It takes a very creative mind to put these Pumpkin People together. Maybe two or three nights of laying awake brainstorming!

I like this cute little Miner Punkin...

Or Pooh Bear and his Honey Pot...

This one's just spooky! Can you imagine being a little kid coming to the door Halloween night an looking up in the tree....oooooh!

Then there are the neighbors who go all out, money is no object!

Those who buy every inflatable at Sam's Club...

The Martha Stewart group who hire stagers to help plan and place things to look like they are "Natural."

The fun-loving neighbor who buys the cute stuff,
the scary stuff and then lights it all up like an airport runway!

Just what kind of person is able to build a spider's web? Who has the time to do this?

Some people need help and this time of year makes this clear!

But it's all in fun for the kids...let's keep that in mind!


  1. Those are cute and imaginative. One year, I put up the hay bale couch and love seat. The turned out great. Now, I gave all my decorations to my son, and let him have all the work.

    1. We used to do a lot more too Donna. When the girls were growing up, we had a stuffed Fred and Ethel who set on our front porch. Fred was dressed in overalls and straw hat, Ethel in a flowered dress and bonnet. Both had heads made of pantyhose with painted on faces that would stop a clock!!! I loved putting them up each year and we'd add a bucket of taters,a pitchfork and pumpkins to the scene. Now it's a bale or two of hay, pumpkins and mums... not near as eye catching!

  2. Funny as hell my dear.. ooops.. sorry, meant heck. And so true, yet I find that more so around Christmas here. But I say, I do miss Halloween here as many just won't join in. Not me, I do and love it. Yet without the garbage and lights. Just prim and folk and vintage. And I'm the lady that gives out hands worth of goodies!

    Huggers for great wonder laughs this eve and I needed them.

    Cotton Peony

    1. You are the one the kids love to go to... generous with the candies! The Rathbone's were the neighbors who went all out when I was growing up, they'd have punch and little sandwiches made, cookies and popcorn balls all set up in their dining room. A knock on their door meant you were invited in for a visit. Different times, yes. Mom would want to visit too long, I was always anxious to get as much candy as possible that one night of the year!

  3. I love all holidays. I always decorate. I love the pumpkin flashers!

    1. Me too Lorilee! We go all out at Christmas and put up 3 trees, it's a lot of work but I love it! I married the right person... he never complains!


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