Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Long Island Medium

Have you seen this show on TLC? The last time I saw it, Theresa Caputo was at the nail salon having a pedicure, her toes were down in the little soaking tub and she was having a conversation with her best friend when in walks a spirit. Really! The lady next to her had brought one with her when she came and set down beside them. What else could she do, she had to tell her that her Mother was there with her and that she appreciated all that her daughter had done to care for her during those last few difficult months. She wanted to tell her that she was thrilled to see she was getting married, finally! There's always that shocked look when she spills out the information to a perfect stranger. By the time she gets finished telling you things that just couldn't be known unless, well unless it was true, she makes a believer out of nearly everyone.

Mom told me once that when she and Daddy first moved to California, they had their fortunes told by a lady on the Boardwalk at Santa Cruz. Just a fun thing, they didn't believe it was possible that she could foretell their future. They walked away knowing that a baby boy would be born, followed by a daughter. Sure enough my brother was born the following year and then I came along 6 years later!

I'm not sure if I would ask a medium any questions, I like the surprises along the way!


  1. We watch that show, she is hilarious! And I think she has a gift. I don't think it's a hoax. What I don't know for sure is if her gift is receiving vibes/messages/some sort of psychic information from the person sitting in front of her, or if she's actually speaking with SPIRIT. I'm not sure if she would even know that... but it's just my opinion. I don't think she's a crock. That being said, I don't want to hear it either :-)

    1. I do too, Karen! She's very funny which makes the show hilarious to watch. I don't know if it would freak me out to know if spirits surround me, but I wouldn't be surprised. I get a lot of strength from dearly departed relatives. I do believe she has the gift and uses it for good, just my perception.

  2. I watch the show and believe she is gifted. I always end up a baby. I also cry when I watch Little House on the Prairie, so maybe I am just emotional. I love how her family reacts when they are out together. I enjoy her show.

    I have a friend that lost a her 22 year old daughter to cancer a few years ago. They were so much alike. They looked alike, laughed the same, had the same humor, just two peas in a pod. My friend is so lost and heartbroken. I would love to send her to see Theresa. Maybe when I get my children raised, a few of us old ladies could get together and make a trip east.


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