Monday, December 3, 2012

What is Luxury Rustic?

One of the very best things about Pinterest is that you can dream and be inspired by many, many sites all while browsing the day's postings. I love design and even though we decorate our home in a much less grand   manner, I draw inspiration from pictures that I've posted on my board Luxury Rustic. So what exactly is that? To me, it's using a natural approach to decorating. I love to bring fresh inside when I can, but in reality we all use artificial garlands most of the time since they last from year to year. If you do live somewhere that you can take a walk and find pinecones and evergreens, say "Thank you Mother Nature" and gather up a few for your mantle!

A simple garland, fresh or artificial, a few pinecones and sprigs of Beautyberry and you can pull this look off too. Hobby Lobby is a great source of decorative items, once you purchase the candlesticks and urns you can use them over and over simply by changing out the greenery or seasonal decorations.

There's no set in stone rule that everything has to be red and green for the holidays. Basically anything that you associate with the happy Christmases of your childhood can say "Merry Christmas!" The simplicity of a rustic urn or wooden bowl are beautiful with only fruit and pinecones added.

Greenery is probably the most important element to making your home look like Christmas. Browse the clearance aisles at Michael's or Hobby Lobby and regardless of the type of evergreen, they can be mixed and matched in containers you already have in your home. Instant decorating, it's a good thing! And don't forget to add a few holiday pillows, that pop of color is all you need.

Don't ever think you're too old for that Jolly Old Elf Santa, he'll bring a smile to your face everytime you see him!

Wreaths and bows aren't just for front doors, they can be hung throughout the house. If it's a fresh wreath, it adds that wonderful outdoor fragrance. Amaryllis bulbs are fun and easy to grow, they are in garden centers and even the grocery stores right now. 

Poinsettias were only 99 cents at Hobby Lobby on Black Friday, I missed out on those but Walmart has them for only $3.67 this year. They are easy to care for, a sip of water every few days and they will reward you with lovely red, pink, ivory or even polka dotted varieties! Every year there are new colors being developed, plants with holly shaped leaves, long stemmed or short and compact with many leaves. Seventy-five percent of us choose Holiday Red, that would be me! 

When you have a glass front door, you can't do the traditional wreath but a lighted garland dresses this entry for the season. 

I love this idea! Adding two small Christmas trees and some greenery to your existing pots would certainly make them look welcoming to guests. Even boxwoods could be dressed up with pine cones and a few sprigs of greenery. After the holidays are over and the long cold days of winter hang on, you'll be glad you added a little color to the front steps!

Here is my abridged version of Holiday Decorating Rules...

#1 All things deemed EXTRAVAGANCE can be justified as NECESSITY if it pertains to GRANDchildren's happiness. 

#2 Parents and Grandparents are responsible for, not exclusively but to a large part, for the making of memories with lighting displays, large trees and animated characters.

#3 All things made at school take precedence over anything store bought, no matter how elegant or sparkly.

So for now, I shop, I buy, I decorate.  From now until Christmas Eve no bauble, sparkly ornament or pine fragranced bough is safe. I am Grandma and I am on a mission. By the time the GRANDkids arrive we WILL have an adequate number of lights, enough food for an army and presents under the tree. There WILL be copious wasting of electricity, overeating and merrymaking!

*All photos via Providence LTD Design.


  1. You have turned your home into a warm and magical place for your family. I'm sure the grands will be in awe and love it!!! Happy Decorating!!!

    1. Oh no Muffy, these pictures are from Pinterest/Providence Design... aren't they beautiful? I do love this style of decorating!

  2. So many inspiring photos here.. I love that kitchen, too!!!

    1. I loved this layout, lots of good ideas here. We don't have to buy everything, just use containers we already have and change out the greenery or plants for color. I still love the sparkle though...

  3. The urn by the front door with the festive touches is so nice, next year I am going to "borrow" that idea. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures and great decorating touches.

    1. Love this idea too! We have plenty of greenery in the woods adjacent to our house, I'm going to see if I can re-create these!

    2. You share the greenery with me (I live in the desert) and I have the artifical red berries and pine cones we move with us that I will will share with you. OK?

    3. Sounds good to me! The snakes and bugs are gone now...perfect time to walk the woods!


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