Monday, March 4, 2013

Why was the cat on your head?

The kids came over for dinner last night and we started looking through Grandma's pictures. We are now the "keepers of the memories," thick albums of pictures going way back. Our family is small, and sharing these treasures is something we are doing now rather than later. Both of our daughters have the "picture gene," they love to plow through the old ones reliving memories. Too many to look at in one setting, Stephanie took them home last night...

This morning I woke up to them being on Facebook!! Some of these aren't too bad, the first thing I notice is my weight... vanity! Then the hairdos and the styles of furniture and clothes. You can peg the decade pretty easy in these. This one was the 1990's, Fayetteville Arkansas. I think this was Christmas 1993, the year before our first GRANDson was born. We were all so excited planning his arrival!
Stephanie is much braver sharing old pictures. She was Miss Fashion in the 80's, now the stirrup pants and big hair just look funny!

This picture tells so much, she was thrilled to get this first pair of cowboy boots. The look on her face is because she had been wanting heels and Momma had said "no." In one Christmas present Grandpa had granted both wishes!
Just pick up an album and you are transported back to a favorite day, I can remember how surprised Grandma looked when she saw all her family gathered on her 70th Birthday!

Family, that's what it's all about.

Sunday best..


Aunt Amy and Jackson, 1994

Great Grandpa and Grandma and Jackson, can you PROUD?
Speaking of PROUD!!!

Some of the pictures are just a little hard to explain...


  1. Joy I love looking at old pictures, just hope my kids don't post any old ones of me (or new ones for that matter.)

  2. Facebook will have a lot to answer for! Your pictures made me laugh because I think I had all those hairstyles at one time or another - and wore versions of all the clothes!

  3. Great photos. I am one of the rare people who doesn't like looking back; it makes me sad to see the years that have gone by, especially with my kids.

  4. It looks like wonderful family memories! Time truly does fly, doesn't it.

  5. life is an adventure. mountain adventure is one of them. liked your site.
    paul's outdoor adventures


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