Friday, February 27, 2015

The Bridge of my Childhood

When you cross over the bridge of my childhood...also known as Lake Taneycomo Bridge you enter a world unlike any other. 

It has houses that defy common sense...

The Titanic shouldn't be on the corner of Gretna and Highway 76...

Planes have landed on waterfalls... 

Ivy skulls invite kids to come play mini golf,

and a 100 foot chicken invites you in... for fried chicken nonetheless!

Or you can go back through the bridge of my childhood and this time it takes you back to a time I am familiar with.

I remember catching big stringers of crappie in the springtime of the year. 

In every nook and cranny there were old coolers that kept our pop cold and kerosene lamps that lit our campsites. Orange life vests were stowed under the seats of Daddy's old fiberglass boat, waiting for our weekend fishing trips.

That lake has given countless memories to countless families through the years. Long Creek, Blue Eye, Shell Knob we fished each cove, caught our limit and took them home.

Branson, Missouri is a unique place that has something for everyone!

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