Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Memorial Day Forecast

 Spring in the Ozarks is the same every year. We usually have quite a bit of rain and things green up quickly in April and May. We'll have two nice days, followed by another 7 days of weather that could be described as "winter." Not zero temps, but not what most of us think of as "spring."

 The dogwoods bloom, then the redbud trees and mixed with the lime green of the grass it's almost like an Easter Basket! Sprinkled in is pollen and mold that keeps us inside so I find myself getting mad at Mother Nature for making me wait!

The perks of living in the woods are balanced with the work required to claim what we call our "yard" each year. In reality it's just a mowed version of the woods that surrounds us. When we built here 10 years ago we vowed to keep it as natural as possible. I waiver each year when I see manicured lawns in town with their picture perfect borders and Kelly Green lawns. It's possible even here on our mountain top to achieve those results but it doesn't "fit." We are country, we are woods, we are natural and that's not a bad thing. It is what it is!

The few nice days we are outside trying to play catch-up with yard work. I say "we" but I really mean "he"... Jerry does most of it! There's always something to mow or trim or rake.
You can't really improve on Mother Nature, she does a bang up job of decorating. Springtime's show is one beautiful, shining moment!

 So for now we're waiting to use the patios and grill some burgers. Memorial Day is this coming Monday and as usual the weekend weather is supposed to be rainy and cool. We'll make the best of it even if we have to wear winter coats to go out on the lake!

One thing I know, summer will arrive June 1 with hot days and the ac will hum... you can count on THAT!!!

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