Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Memphis Memories

We've been to 5 Bass Pro Shops now and it's definitely on our must-see list when there's one anywhere close to where we're traveling! Bass Pro at the Memphis Pyramid has topped them all!

The first night we went downtown to have dinner and could see the Pyramid in the distance. Even from blocks away it's huge! 

You really can't miss it as you cross the bridge from Arkansas to Tennessee, I could almost touch it! At 321 feet tall (about 32 stories) it’s considered to be the seventh largest pyramid in the world.  

The first thing you notice is the sheer size of the place, approximately 220,000 square feet.  Aside from the square footage on the first two floors, just look up and it's 28 stories to the top! 

You feel as if you are in a Cypress Swamp; there are huge ponds, towering Cypress trees and an 84,000-gallon alligator habitat.

The aquarium in the middle of the store is a 24,000 gallon aquarium that showcases native Tennessee fish.

A quick trip to the top on the tallest freestanding elevator in America, it's open on all 4 sides by glass panes! 

Once we got to the top, the lobby opens out to a beautiful restaurant called The Lookout at the Pyramid .

"Steam Punk" style d├ęcor with gears and metal sculpture, another impressive aquarium in the middle of the restaurant. 

I can't imagine how exciting it would be to dine there looking out onto the lights of Memphis!

Speechless, we just stood there taking in the magnificent views more than 300 feet above Memphis and the Mississippi River! The glass-floored observation decks are patterned after the Grand Canyon Skywalk. I have to say it was a little scary at first, then the Awesome Factor kicks in! 


No matter which direction you look, the view is spectacular!

One more video, I promise it's worth watching... Big Cypress Lodgethe first hotel inside a Bass Pro Shop! There are 103 rustic rooms and tree-house cabins inspired by vintage duck hunting camps. After watching this video, you may think you've been missing out on "rustic" accommodations!

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