Monday, June 29, 2015

Nutty Monkey Memories

Happy 4th.... hope you are celebrating the day with something that sparkles, whether it's the people in your life or some fireworks! I can't imagine any bans this year on the poppers with all the rain we've had across the U.S.

I don't remember ever not having fireworks on the 4th when I was growing up in Springfield. We'd hit the firework stands on the way to Grandma's, my brother choosing Black Cats and bottle rockets and me... sparklers, smoke bombs and the little chicken that layed the fire eggs! You know the one, it's on everyone's "must have list." Well, maybe it's not...

Our GRANDsons make their selection and there's not a single Hen Laying Eggs or Ground Bloom Flower or Nutty Monkey. No sparklers, no Cascading Fountain. Only firecrackers and bombs. Maybe one fountain, but it's called Death Bomb Fountain or something like that. We're invited over for fireworks so I'll be nice and try my best not to complain.... I don't think anyone could hear me anyway!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Silly Billy Gene

This picture was taken years ago after Christmas dinner at Mom's. Whoever took it thought it would be funny to get our "best sides" in a group picture. That's me, my mother-in-law and Mom. We are a silly bunch and I thought I would try to put a smile on your face by sharing some of the one's that we have taken through the years.

Here we go...

Mom~Christmas 1982

The women in the family love to get something sparkly to wear!

Stephanie~11 and Amy~3 Christmas 1981

It's in their blood to ham it up!

This is the Chief Ham, His Hamness, Grandpa!

Me~Christmas 1993

"Ohhh, this is too much!"

This is Hubby's Popeye Face, he does this one in a lot of pictures!

We are also an excitable bunch, much enthusiaum no matter what the present may be!

Hubby~Christmas 2000 in Texas

He wanted to brag to everyone that he went swimming on Christmas!

Amy~Christmas 1985

Great picture to show to her son when he's older!

Hubby or Napoleon?

This is where Hubby gets Popeye Face...from his Dad!

Hubby with his "purty face!"

Even our cat "Smudgy" was a clown!

Ok, I had to get permission from our daughter Stephanie to share this one! In defense, she WAS on cold medicine and she was doing her best to keep Jackson amused during all of the present opening on Christmas morning 1994.

This may be my favorite...the players are seated left to right, my Mom, my Mother in Law and my Father in Law. The gift is from us...a bread machine. Dad T.'s saying, "Maybe now I'll finally get some hot bread!" Look at Mom T.'s face...then look at my Mom's!

Hey, it was funny!

Ewan~Christmas 2007

The Silly Billy gene is alive and well in the future generation!

In loving memory of my father-in-law who taught us all he had to know about silliness! We miss you Dad!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Home Sweet Home

We moved a lot when our daughters were growing up. I've counted before, 18 addresses in 45 years. Not enough time to put down roots with many of the houses. Home should always be that place where memories are made. It has to be much more than four walls to feel like home and a Mother's job is to add the ingredients needed to make the warm and fuzzies.

If you reach back into your childhood those feelings are stirred when you remember how you felt in the security of those walls. It wrapped around you like a blanket and protected you from the outside world. I can remember my bedroom...the wallpaper was pink roses. I can see the white curtains moving gently with the cool breezes from a south window. It was an old house, on the corner of Summit and Division with a big wrap-around porch. Mom had the banisters full of pots of begonias and impatiens and ferns. I would set out in the swing and watch as neighbors mowed their lawns or walked to the neighborhood market. Inside, Mom was almost always in the kitchen cooking.

Since our daughters are eight years apart, their strongest memories would most likely be two separate houses. For Stephanie the house on Birch in Harrison is where she learned to ride a bike, celebrated many birthdays and wondered how Santa got in the house Christmas Eve since we didn't have a fireplace! For Amy the house at Horseshoe Bend is where she lost her first tooth, learned to swim and played long summer days with our dog Lizzie. It's not far from here, if you go by boat it's only a few coves away. It seems like such a long time ago that we lived on that little farm, 25 years can seem like an eternity while feeling like a "blink ago."

Every house had celebrations...holidays with family gathered, sleepovers with best friends and private "alone in their bedroom" time when they played and pretended and grew up. 

In their heart and minds will forever be the color of that bedroom or the pictures in the hallway. Etched in their memories are playing house or riding their bikes or just setting and dreaming about their future.

Home is as simple as the front door...

...or the sound of the doorbell~

It's that feeling of welcome and being the most important thing in your parents' lives. That is what being a Mother is, and a Father too. Forever that bond that never goes away, only gets stronger. Even when we are separated we hold those memories most dear.

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