Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ben the King

At least he thinks he's King of Granny Mountain! Ben was a rescue dog, our daughter Amy took him into her heart at a time she needed unconditional love...the kind that only comes from a pet. We welcomed him with open arms; the first meeting was a planned "get to know you" and see if we liked him. We had seen his picture posted on the CockerPaws website and read his story. He was found in an ice storm running loose, brought to a vets office and treated for frostbite on his paws. The owners were notified and they picked him up. When he got out again his owners didn't want him back. There are many reasons that a pet ends up in situations like that, a move to a new apartment with a no pet policy, a new baby or different priorities...or even a dog bite that may or may not have been provoked. Whatever the reason, I'm just glad Ben found his way into our lives. He was Amy's dog who became our dog when her job took her to a new life. That should be added to the reasons why a dog finds a new home.

This is Ben and our oldest Grandson Jackson, aren't they both handsome?

Ben is master of the nap, the all out-total relaxed-walk around me kind of nap.

This was taken when we were in the middle of an ice storm this winter.No electricity, no phone, no way to get help if we needed it...but he doesn't look too worried does he??

Another winter day, he's looking for that rawhide bone he buried the day before the snow!

Our daughter calls this Ben's boat. He does love to go crusin' with us!Funny little guy goes to the gate and scratches to tell us he needs to go "potty!"

So, life is good for Ben.
My husband often says as he leaves for work and Ben is asleep on the sofa,
"I wish I could be Ben!"

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