Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Amy!

It’s a funny feeling when your baby is turning 30. Not funny Ha-Ha, funny “How-Could-That-Happen?” It’s not like I’ve had my head in a hole, it’s just that when I look at her she’s still that little rosy-cheeked baby that we brought home 30 years ago today!

Mary Englebreit’s artwork has always spoke to me. I love her whimsical drawings and the children she draws might as well be portraits of my daughters. Even the attitude the characters evoke are so much like Amy and Stephanie. The little red-haired girl that Mary depicts as “Queen of Everything” is a statement of Amy’s determination. She has overcome many struggles in her 30 short years. She’s now wife and mother in addition to daughter, granddaughter and aunt. We are lucky to have each other to share our joys and our heartaches. That’s just what families do. It doesn’t matter how modern we get or how much technology advances, the most important thing in our lives is our relationship with God and staying within the arms of family.

Amy was a little girl who “Twirled.” That’s a new word to my vocabulary, brought to my attention by Libby Murphy at Twirl and Taste. Libby's Dad said, “She was a good baby, sleeping & cooing, and crawled contentedly until she was confident enough to walk across the room without falling. From there she twirled and hasn’t stopped since!”

We are proud of our little rosy-cheeked baby as she continues to “Twirl” through her life! Happy Birthday Sweetie!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your big girl!

    Roberta Anne = Raggedy Girl

  2. so sweet momma!


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