Wednesday, June 3, 2009


What a sweet and kind award to receive!

Thank you, Nanny at The Good Life

for sending me the Queen of All Things Award!

As part of receiving this award I am to post 7 awesome things about myself!?! The fact that someone thinks I am Awe-Summm is so flattering!!! When I read over Nanny's list, I realized just how much we have in common. A fellow Arkansan; we both love to cook, fish and the Razorbacks! So here's my list of things that I consider my most awesome qualities:

1. I feel awesome that I wake up each day with renewed energy, that can't last forever!
2. I love to see the glass "Half Full!"
3. I think it is awesome that I inherited a strong sense of family.
4. I like to meet new people and experience new things.
5. It's awesome that Hubby and I both love to fish and garden.
6. It's awesome that I love a clean house and like to cook, those things are a downer for some people.
7. The most awesome thing about me is my family. I have the most wonderful Husband who has been my best friend and my rock for 39 years, and two wonderful daughters and their families who bring so much joy to our lives. Too many blessings to even count!

Now the fun part, passing this award along to

7 AWESOME bloggers!

1. Farmgirl Paints ~Becky shares her Family, Faith and Life's Struggles

2. Whatever~Megan's sidebar: Happy Things, Bible, Photography, Our House, Recipes

3.Easy For Me to Say~Kathleen's blog photo caption: "A little of this, a little of that, a blessing here or there"

4.One Perfect Bite~ Mary's blog is full of delicious recipes that she calls "Simple peasant fare," I say delicious!

5.Bakow Babble~Cherie has a great sidebar quote, "If my house is clean, my computer must be broken!"

6.Cozy Little House~Brenda makes beautiful Quilts, Tablescapes and Gardening!

7.La Table de Nana~In her sidebar "Because Nice Matters!"

I hope you visit all of these blogs soon and tell them GrannyMountain sent you!


  1. Thanks so much. I'll have to think on this one a spell and let you know what I came up with. Have a beautiful day down there in Arkansas.

  2. Joyce, thanks so very much for the award. I'm honored and really do appreciate it. Again my thanks...Mary

  3. deserve this awesome little award.

  4. Conugratulations for the award!We have much in common for example the sense of family that is the most important thing. I'm happy you have a so beautiful family!Unfortunately I don't love cooking and I can't fish.Nobody is perfect!Ciao

  5. Joycee you have made me feel like a Queen. I have never received this award. I love it! Thanks for thinking of me. It will be fun to pass it along.

    I definately enjoy your blog and think you are Awwww-Summmmm too!

  6. What a lovely post on you, yourself & family ... nice insight. TTFN ~ Marydon

  7. Just stopped by to say Hi!

    The Raggedy Girl

  8. ooooo . . . I have some pals who are gonna be so jealous! Who doesn't want to be the Queen of ALLL Things?!?! I happily accept and will mull my answers and post them soon! Can I wear my tiara now?

    Thank you Joycee! And congrats to YOU!

  9. oh thank you! how nice are you? i am so glad i made your list.
    you are AW-Summ!

  10. There are so many great blogs and I barely get my work done now for looking and reading! It's very relaxing to set in my pj's with my cup of coffee and visit all of you!
    joy c. at grannymountain


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