Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

We had our first lazy day of Summer today! Hubby has taken the week off and we've been busy finishing the picket fence for my roses. We went to visit Mom this afternoon and then more errands. When we got home I went into the kitchen to fry us some fish for dinner. When I looked out on the deck, I saw this silly squirrel sunbathing on the rail! Doesn't he look comfortable?

After dinner we took a little boat ride up the lake, the scenery is breathtaking!
Sometimes we fish along these bluffs and have good luck catching bass.
We enjoy looking at all the nice homes and try to guess the square footage of some!
This one is perched on the side of the mountain like ours.
One positive thing, no back yard to mow!
I love this one, near the Highway 12 bridge. It's called Serenity Point!

The sun is setting and we are heading back up Prairie Creek Cove.
The best part of living at the lake is being able to do these little boat rides spur of the moment. Sometimes I pack our evening meal and we take it with us and fish until almost dark.
For us we think it's our little slice of Heaven!


  1. Another great group of pictures!!! Am I the only one who cannot read your blog. I continue to see the pictures and that is all. Don't know if my comment is appearing either!!!

  2. Ok,,,,I just let it sit here on your page and IT APPEARED, yipee!!!

  3. I so enjoyed the relaxing leisurely ride. You live in a very beautiful place, we've often enjoyed our visits your way. TTFN ~Marydon

  4. I find nothing more soothing than water. Your pictures are simply wonderful. I love the rock cliffs. ben is adorable!

  5. Wonderful pictures and a very engaging narrative. It looks like it was a beautiful evening. I certainly enjoyed it. Have a wonderful day Joyce.

  6. Just came across you at Brenda's Cozy Little House blog. You live in a Beautiful place,such beautiful pictures. We also live on a lake and I can't imagine not living next to water, we love it. Also looked at your house in the magazine. Gorgeous!

  7. How sweet and peaceful is your blog today..
    Enjoy every moment . I am trying to enjoy being here with my son inlaw and 2 daughters plus 3 grandkids ,so precious..
    Hate to keep my toe out of the ocean but did some Tuesday... O well....

  8. Which lake are you on? Beautiful pictures. I can't feel too kindly toward that squirrel, however, since we've had a terrible time with squirrels in our attic. How funny that you have a dog named Ben. My youngest son is Ben. He and Claire have a dog named Jeff.

  9. Thanks so much for your great comments! We live on Beaver Lake in Northwest Arkansas and love the quiet seclusion. It's just a hop, skip and a jump to town so it's the best of both worlds!

  10. Oh Joyce thank you for understanding! I'm so sorry you had them too. :(
    Yes IE has caused many of our computer problems! Alex tried two other browsers today and still things are not quite right...Sigh.
    He's going to wipe out the computer this weekend and start over and see how it goes.

    Your sunbathing squirrel is adorable as well as Ben. How seet. He sure likes that gorgeous lake view and I don't blame him. ~WOW!

    Have a great rest of the week.
    Now let's see if it let's me post this comment to you. Hmmm...:)

  11. Sigh...feels like I just took a vacation. And I needed one. Thank you, Joyce!

  12. Nice photos Joy!! So peaceful I wish I was out on a lake all by myself fishing, like I used to do years ago. I loved it. Those photos with the high rock walls remind me of Little Falls, near here. The whole city is a hill. When I used to go fishing down there by the canal that's all we could see when we looked across the river. High rock slate walls. Nice post! I love how your dog is watching as you go along..Ha!
    I wish all my squirrels would just lay like that for an hour or two instead of bothering me. LOL


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