Friday, October 9, 2009

All Fired Up, Spicy and Bronzed

Cherie over at Bakow Babble had a great post yesterday on lipstick. She said as long as she had her lipstick on, she felt confident and ready to face whatever the day dished out! She's right, we are strong women who know who we are, we don't need no stinkin' mascara to wow the World! Our opinions and grit are what make us the powerhouses at PTA, the CEO's of Costco shopping, the MVP's of meal planning. But just in case I need a little more than Precious Pink, I have an arsenal in the wings...or rather in my purse. I wonder if the color names tell anything about my personality???

L'Oreal's Spicy Pink
Neutrogena's Ruby Bliss
Blistex Deep Renewal Lip Protectant
Sephora's Bronzed Beauty

In the background you can see Cherie's post

From left to right, some of my favorites from my makeup drawer...

Tarte's Utopia
Tarte's Aura
L'Oreal's Fired Up
Flirt's Fling
Revlon's Ruby Radiance
Revlon's Red Reinvented
L'Oreal's Rich Red
Sephora's Rosy Glow
Ultima II's Ice Brandy
So what does this say about me? Look's like a really like red, I have a lot that look almost identical and I have a lipstick buying problem! You can't say I'm wasteful though, the last one on the right is probably 20 years old!


  1. I wish I could wear different colored lipsticks!!! They all turn pink on me and I have to stick with a liner and some neutral lipstick....then it turns!!!!

  2. I have to have my make-up!
    Won't even go to the mailbox without it. Hubby said one of the things that caught his eye was that I wore lipstick and the few times that I don't have it on, he'll say "where's your lipstick?"

  3. Oh my, your lipstick is 20 years old. I thought there supposed to be an expiring date on it!!!

  4. 20 year old lipstick is there because I "can't" throw it out...waste not, want not!
    joy c. at grannymountain

  5. I love the names of your lipstick. I can just picture the face of an agent trying to profile you based on those names. Wild Thing!

  6. Lol waste not want not. Did you try the 20 year old ? does it still glide on smoothly on your lips.?
    LOL bet colors you choose do tell something about you..Never thought about that

  7. Oooohhhh I LOVE a good RED lipstick too - I think you gotta make it count!
    I am going to have to go look at the names of my lipsticks now - So funny, maybe they do go with our personalities!

  8. Pretty! I"m a lipstick girl, love it..i have so many colors. After I've worn it all day though, I sure do love to take it off!
    Come say hi :D


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