Friday, October 23, 2009

Bad News for Chocoholics

The economy isn't recovering AND there's more bad news! That glass of chocolate milk could be hiding a dirty little secret. A study by the University of Florida found pre-mixed chocolate milk has significantly more bacteria than the regular white milk. In fact, the tests showed the chocolate milk was crawling with bacteria. GROSS! Come to find out, the milk that is used to make the chocolate variety often didn't make the grade the first time around. It may have failed pasteurization the first time and after repeated pasteurization it will sometime develop a yellow color. Then it can no longer be sold as white milk so they put in chocolate. That's more than a little disturbing because that's my Grandson Gavin's choice of milk at school everyday.

Many people believe they can tell their milk is bad by giving it a good sniff. But apparently your nose doesn't know. Simply sniffing the milk is not enough because because many of the pathogenic organisms that can be in milk don't have an odor. So for a worry free glass of chocolate milk, it's better to mix your own with powders or syrup.


  1. like i wasn't having a bad enough day, and now this...

  2. Oh my.. this sure is news to me.

  3. I've never heard of even ONE death by chocolate milk.

    We NEED some bacteria in our stomach to help us digest food - - -

    I still love chocolate milk, so I say drink away.

    We worry about too many things - - - bacteria are EVERYWHERE - - - you can't avoid them, so the BEST thing is to hope for a really healthy immune system.

    Most bacterial are totally harmless anyway.

  4. I think I just ruined everyone's day...sorry! "Good bacteria" is needed to digest foods in our gut, but not this bacteria.
    joy c. at grannymountain

  5. I still love chocolate milk. What about chocolate ice cream?

  6. Oh Yuck! For true?! Good thing I make my own chocolate!
    Come say hi :D

  7. Ah, well. I'll by cocoa and make my own.

  8. This is breaking news! It bad to our health.


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