Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Clinic Cats Rule!

Ben had his annual check-up last week and got a good report. He has ongoing ISSUES with ear, eye and skin problems...after all he's a Cocker Spaniel and that's the M.O. for cockers! Winston, the clinic cat was on patrol and greeted us with his typical excitement...ok, he barely noticed us and he considered Ben's insistence to smell him an affront to everything he considers sacred!

Clinic Cats are secure in their jobs.
They remain calm under the most stressful Mondays.

They watch and analyze people as they come and go...
"Look at him, I would never act like that!"

Daring the receptionist to make him move when the phone rings, he stakes his claim to THIS SPOT on the desk!

But it takes a sweet personality to meet and greet the public,
some cats are better than others at this trait!

It's hard work, but the rewards are great...

Warm places to nap...

Sunny places to snooze...

...and job security. NO ONE had better move the cat!


  1. I'm glad your doggie is doing well Joycee! I've seen the vet clinic cats before and they always make me sad for some reason. Even though I know they are well cared for. I'm just a big ole' softie and want to taker them all home with me.

    Many Blessings and Happy Fall!
    ~Melissa :)

  2. This was really cute :-). I'm glad Ben had a good report.

  3. That was so flippin cute! I love it when I go into a office or a gift shop and theres a cat or dog..I want to stay awhile and buy!
    Come say hi :D

  4. Oh those pictures are so darling. I love a cat who will laze around and let you rub it's belly.

    We have a meany old grandma cat.

  5. Cats are cute but don't like to touch them! I prefer dogs.

  6. Oh, these pictures are all so cute! They gave me me smile after a long day! thak you :)


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