Friday, October 30, 2009

Now That's Cute

Ten years ago, it was hard to find a Halloween costume for a dog or cat. Today they are everywhere. We are in a Recession but hey, Fido needs a costume for Halloween! A little bling or properly draped scrap of fabric can transform your pet into almost any animal or character. To get your dogs in the mood, "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan suggests... "Walk the dog, get him tired so when you put the outfit on, he is relaxed!" The more you laugh while getting the dog dressed, the more they will clown around, he says. Without the fun, some dogs will refuse to put on a costume, no matter how much you paid for it!

Some dogs actually like the whole "Dress Up Day!"

Devoted pets do whatever we ask of them, no matter how silly!

He's thinking, " I look GOOD!"

Costume fits Personality!

Shifty eyes=Pirate!

We do this too our kids too,
put them in a costume they can "grow into!"


"I better get a treat for doin' this!"


Pretty In Pink...

The Chain Gang!

So tell me what your pet is going to be for Halloween???


  1. My pets will be doing the exact same thing on Halloween that they do every other day!!! Ruling our roost.

  2. LOL at Keetha's comments, which mirror my own exactly!

  3. Ben is Lord of the Manor and he pretty much wears that costume every day!

  4. You're right. That's cute. Have a wonderful Halloween weekend.

  5. Cute stuff..happy Halloween to you too! Come say hi :D

  6. Ben looks so cute! hahaha.... Love love love those pictures. I'm not celebrating Halloween but it's fun to see you all having fun in decorations & getting ready for the costumes that kind of things!

  7. Hahaha, this is so last year... but almost time again for this year, huh? I think I should make a costume for my little Tucker cause little dogs make the best costume contestants. Don't you agree? Hmmm, I think he would make a good Bee because his little white tipped tail would make the perfect 'stinger.' ;D


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