Monday, October 26, 2009

The Rorie Sisters

Mom T. loves her family. She is the matriarch, the oldest sister and her baby sisters marvel at her good health and her strength. She is able to do whatever she puts her mind to, her faith carries her through the hard days. But when they are together, they are children once again. Living down a dirt road, back in the "boondocks," their parents struggled during Depression years. They remember chopping wood with their Dad and being in the kitchen with their Mom, she was always in the kitchen with a large family to feed. They remember spying on each other when they had a date bring them home. Going swimming and walking to town together, riding on the tractor. When they talk there's a closeness that comes with time, between sisters that is unspoken. They could finish each others sentences but they listen and re-live the memories. Life has been very good to the Rorie sisters, very good...

Mom was thrilled to have her sisters come for a visit and Saturday we all got together to watch the Razorbacks play Ole Miss. Other than the fact that we lost, the day was wonderful! Nadine (on the right) and husband Nelson were down from Topeka Kansas. Joyce (to the left), also known to my bloggers as the famous "Aunt B." and husband George live closer, just outside Fort Smith Arkansas. I made beef stew and cornbread and Sam's Club was nice enough to fix a great pumpkin cheesecake that we had for dessert. It couldn't have been a more beautiful day, finally some sunshine and the temperture was in the 60's. Fall in the Ozarks is breathtaking for only a short time. The first of the week the trees were so pretty, but we had rain and then a couple very windy days and the leaves are falling fast. The only way to enjoy that time window is to take some pictures, that's just what I did!


  1. I loved these two post..I must have missed the Sunday one but just read it..loved it too! It looks beautiful there, dinner and memories sound divine. Yes, hard times are touching about everyone in one way or the other but maybe it's good for helps us remember God a bit more I think. Thanks for sharing good things.
    Come say hi :D

  2. How wonderful that you were all able to get together. Your meal sounds delicious. Your fall folliage pictures are spectacular.

  3. What a lovely group of ladies! It sounds like a nice day.

  4. I love this post Joy. And your photos are beautiful!!

  5. I love to hear of families that get along and enjoy each others company.. I miss my older sister who passed away this past February. Glad they are all still together.
    Love your Fall pictures..

  6. Who wouldn't be happy when their love one came to visit! I'm totally thrill if my brothers come to visit me. But they're all so busy. We normally gather during festive season at my parents' place.


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