Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vanity Thy Name is Woman...or is it Man?

They go through it too! says "BLOND" and it's mounted upside down.

A true Metallica Fan!

He may be a nerd but he's rolling in a Benz!

Vanity License Plate says "ILUVCOPS"....Priceless!


Maybe this person wouldn't have this problem if they didn't splurge on the Aston Martin!

COP BAIT...This person is asking for it with this vanity license plate!

This personalized license plate reads "NOT COP." Notice they even have a German Shepard in the back seat...I think they are trying to throw us off!


  1. I've always liked "Was His." My sister's vanity plate on her BMW convertible is "MTNEST."

  2. These are good. Heeeheehaaaheee!
    Have ya'll had any frost yet?
    It was a whoppin' 34 in our holler this morning with frost on the higher ground. Uck!

    Ya'll have a fun-filled weekend!

  3. Very cool...I used to have one, it said "Songbrd"...Where did you find all those anyway? Come say hi :D

  4. TY for a good morning chuckle ... I love 'Was His'.

    Have a lovely autumn week. TTFN ~Marydon

  5. How funny! I don't know where you find these things but they surely are funny. Have a great day.

  6. Mary, many of these posts come from Jerry's Aunt B., she gets the BEST emails and forwards them on to me! Also, I sometimes find an amusing picture at's Creative Commons site. It's uncopyrighted pictures that people post for sharing. I write a newsletter for Mom's nursing home and find great pictures that the residents enjoy so much. So many "tools" out there with Facebook, Flickr, Bing and Twitter. Amazing!


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