Friday, October 16, 2009

Warning: Don't Look!

Ranch wife Ree at Pioneer Woman had a snake in her house the other day, in her bathroom. Of course the snake decided to come into Ree's house when no one was there to help her (of course) and she was faced with having to capture the monster herself. Being a resourceful person she had a near-by stockpot that was going to be used for soup later that day. Plop, over the snake, bathroom scales and a heavy Tonka Truck to hold it down, she was safe until help could arrive.

Ooohhh, I can't imagine a snake in the house. We also live in the country so it could happen. There are snakes out there hiding under rocks and logs and probably near the shady patios where we sit. Now I've creeped myself out and will never be able to enjoy the outside again. You know what really worries me? All summer long we would forget to put the garage doors down until right at dusk. I told Hubby that's just inviting the snakes and other critters to take up residence in there. This weekend he's getting out there and spraying snake repellent everywhere. I know they make it, I saw it at Lowe's!

Ree posted a picture of her snake so now I'm going to post a picture of the one that was in my yard this summer. Hubby found it while watering and was so excited,

"Come quick and take a picture!"

I did but it was horrible and disturbing and I still can't forget it. He, on the other hand downloaded it as his screensaver at work!

Go away now, don't keep get's worse.

The next picture is a close-up.

I told you not to look!


  1. LOL,I've never seen a snake with legs so... are you sure it's not some kind of very long lizard?

  2. This was a snake...eating a poor little frog! We couldn't help him ;o(

  3. Yes, I saw that at PW...I hate snakes too ever since my brother put a water snake down my back when I was little. We don't have a problem with them here,,I guess there are good snakes..yours is kind of apposed to a rattle snake.
    But i know what you mean, I can't even go into the zoo exhibit to look, makes me shudder!
    Come say hi :D

  4. I hate snake! They're quite scary.

  5. [led here from PW's comments]
    Oh my goodness! Poor little frog!
    We keep finding little corn & black snakes in our backyard, but they're just like really long worms...I can't imagine finding that huge thing! I don't think I'd ever go outside again!

  6. Ick I would hate to have a snake in my house too. I also hate mice.

    When I was a girl we lived where there were Scorpians. My dad would kill them in the garage. Very scary.

    Critters stay away!!!!!

  7. In my opinion snakes are evil and are from the devil. I read Ree's snake post and it gave me the hebby jebbies. I am sad to say we have experienced snakes inside not once but twice during our 36 years on the Ponderosa. I'm told if a mouse can get in.......Ewwwwwww!

    Have a very wonderfully unreptile weekend!!! God bless

  8. I had to come back and look again; that is just freaky!!!

  9. Oh my heavens. I'm going to have nightmares tonight. Seriously, I would have to move if I found a snake on the property no less in the house.

    I have to admit though, he is an intriguing sort of fellow from afar...

  10. Hmmmm, I guess I have watched too many episodes of Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter. Snakes just don't bother me. They are just another part of the circle of life. If there were no snakes, we would have so many mice and insects, it would be really bad. God put them here for a purpose, lets just hope they stay outside. We have rattlers here in Central Oregon but not as close to the Mountains as we are. If you go just a couple of miles farther east of us, you have to be careful. My Folks live in Berryville, not too far from Eureka Springs. Are you close to there? I LOVE NW Arkansas! We lived in Fayetteville in the early 1990s while hubby was getting his Masters degree at UofA.


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