Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What Would You Do First?

I saw in the paper that Arkansas has its first big winner in the state's new scratch-off Lottery. Joe Pierce of Van Buren won $100,000 with the ticket he bought Sunday at the convienence store where he's only worked a couple of months. It's kind of funny, he bought one ticket for $5 and when he scratched that off it was a $5 winner. He then spent that $5 on another ticket that was worth $100,000! After taxes that will be $75,000 in his pocket. He's going to use the money to buy a house and car. No doubt it couldn't have come at a better time, he and his wife added a new baby daughter to their family just this week!

What would you do if you won the Lottery? Most of us have previous commitments... mortgage, car payments, and other bills. But what would you do first? I don't know what we would do, but it probably would involve our family since good things are best shared!


  1. After taxes, I'd divide it among me and my three kids. If it was a really HUGE win, I'd hire a CPA to advise me and keep my identy a secret!

  2. Hard to say, but it surely would be nice to get rid of the mortgage before we retire.

  3. oh i love happy stories, everything happens for a reason~

    if i won 100 grand i would take care of my unemployed sister...

  4. So far I have lost money on the lottery but I'm so glad Arkansas is finally doing this! I would love to be able to pay off the mortgage.

  5. I would take care of any debt we have left, put a chunk away for the future..then help my kids..then, oh I wish I had enough to help the whole world! I would..but that will never be..come say hi :D

  6. Clearly I have this all set up IF this should occur, ever ... even on smaller amounts we win we do this.

    1/3 goes to Children's Hospital, St. Judes Hospital & Shriners Hospital

    1/3 goes to our church to pay the mortgage for rebuilding after the fire

    1/3 we would keep

    ... and it would & is in that exact order. I am very involved in charitable things for children & make it clear my goal in life & death is to put a smile on a child's face.

    Have a beautiful day. TY for asking.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  7. I don't play but if I DID & won a lottery I would pay off all my kids homes and cars and pay TITHES TO MY CHURCH .Anything left I might remodel my house to one floor. LOL

  8. They actually take more like 40% which is So rude but hey the rest is free money.

    I am with you 10% tithing and the rest to family things. It IS best shared!!

  9. Hello Joycee, I see that you are following my blog and so I hopped on over to visit your blog and became a follower of you too! I LOVE your header picture, it is sooo beautiful! I've been enjoying looking through your blog and all of your photos and look forward to visiting again.

    If I won the lottery, we would probably pay off the truck and some bills and then give a chunk to each of our kids to put down on a house of their own. If I were to spend some on would be for new camera lenses and equipment.....oh that would be so cool!!! :)

  10. (1) pay off all the mortgage.
    (2) make some donations.
    (3) keep some in the bank(reserve for other emergency usage).
    (4) give my parents a good treat(travelling trip).
    Oh my, sounds like I won the lottery...ha ha ha!


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