Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Game Plan

We will be in San Antonio over Thanksgiving, but that doesn't mean we won't be participating in our Annual Black Friday Shopping! The good news is that Hubby most likely will get to sleep in this year and Stephanie and I will be hitting the stores for bargains. You have to get up early if you're dreaming of laptop computers, high definition flat screen televisions, mini notebook PC, or the newest video games. How in the world will you be able to make it to different stores and buy all the discounted items on your list? Well, you need to make a Black Friday game plan. Here is how to make a game plan and prepare for Black Friday shopping.

Step 1~Recruit your team, your husband, your wife, your cousin, your aunt. If you can, split up to cover more ground. You husband can go to the electronics store while you go buy the toys for gifts. You get the point.

Step 2~Gather all and pack all your supplies. You will need a calculator – one you can use and still talk on the phone. You cannot forget your cell phone and bluetooth. You will need the cell phone to call your team and the bluetooth so keep your hands free. Bottled water is another must; there is no time to stop to get water. You will need snacks; low blood sugar is not something you want when you are in a long line.

Step 3~Wear comfortable clothing. I suggest you wear layers. You may have to wait in line outside a store so make sure to have a sweater. It can also get hot in a crowded store so make sure you can shed a layer. Wear your most comfortable shoes. Ladies I would suggest you wear a purse that you can wear over your shoulders. Guys wear pants with lots of pockets.

Step 4~Make a list. Make a list of what you need and a list of what you want. This will help you when deciding on your budget.

Step 5~Decide on a budget. Decide how much money you will spend on luxury unnecessary items and how much money you will spend on other people’s Christmas/Hanukkah gifts.

Step 6~Do your research. Visit the blogs and websites that have Black Friday deals. Some websites have sneak peaks of Black Friday circulars.

Step 7~Plan out your route. Do a google map search. Look for stores that are close to each other. You only have at most 2 hours to get all your shopping done. Keep in mind that the best items go quickly.

Step 8~Once you have decided which stores you will go to, you need to go some reconnaissance work. Familiarize yourself the stores’ layouts. Make sure you know where the items you will be buying are located. When you get to the store, go straight to that isle and get your item and go pay. There is no time for window-shopping.

Step 9~Make sure to verify the opening times. Some stores open as early as 4 AM.

Step 10~Make sure to get to bed early. I’m sure that won’t be a problem after the Thanksgiving turkey, fixings, pies, and wine. Set your alarm clock before going to bed!



  1. that is so true!!!! we will be going to the outlet shopps at Branson,,they open at midnight!!!

  2. Whew!! Your game plan sounds awesome! I cannot wait to hear how it turns out!
    I try to get it done before black Friday - some of those women out there can be brutal! ha ha


  4. LOL...this reminds me of my Laura Ashley days when I'd get up crazy early and get in line for the store to open. Somehow, I never ended up first in line. But that never seemed to get in the way of finding great deals.

    If anyone is in Minneapolis and uses Lancome products, ask for Laura at downtown Macy's. She'd be happy to help you out on Black Friday or any day. She's my beautiful PreciousGrrrlChild who's working full time and finishing up her degree! You, go grrl!!!

  5. haha... I guess you ladies going to shop till you drop huh! Happy shopping and have fun!


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