Sunday, November 15, 2009

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Some days I just go through the motions, barely noticing the beauty all around me. When my life gets busy, hey it stays busy... I kind of run out of gas. I need a jump, some STP, new spark plugs. Something that will make me have some get up and go. When I hit one of these "spells," my enthusiasm for life just evaporates. The Recession, stressful days and just living life make us lose that zeal for growing in mind and spirit.

Sometimes you just run low on Inspiration! is a Wellness website that and shares people's intentions – personal, social, spiritual and environmental. It also is a wonderful source of great articles on Healthy Living, Relationships, The Planet and Spirit...all subjects that influence our quality of Life.

Go visit and add your Intent for the Day!

My Intent is to find the source of my negative body image.

My Intent is to let go of the need to be in "control" and relax.

My Intent is to forgive myself and move on.

My Intent is to acknowledge the balance...if I complain when things aren't peachy, I also must compliment when things are going good~

My Intent is to not take things personally.

My Intent is to weather the storm outside, and calm the one inside.


  1. Thanks....
    Great web site and great advice...


  2. I'm saving that web site in my favs. My intent is to see the beauty in each day and to stay on this alkalizing diet so I won't need surgery!

  3. I think these reminders are very important for us. These are very good intentions! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those are a lot of good points you've made and I plan to stop by the website!

  5. Hey Joycee, How true is all that you write tonight..... The sermon at church today was on "Abiding" in Christ... and when we do, we then find our true peace. The three things that get in the way of that sometimes are 1.Situations, 2. People, 3. Moi!, I want, this week, I'm working on ABIDING 'in' HIM...regardless of anything else. Thanks for the inspiration tonight! ;) ~CC Catherine

  6. I love this post and couldn't agree more whole heartedly with you.

    Love your intentions and I think we should all have some.

    Thanks for the site.

  7. Thanks for the web info! And this is exactly how I fell right now! Try to cheer up even only left a single penny in my pocket. =)


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