Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Musical Closet

About this time of the year I realize the stark truth, sandal wearing time is over. It's a sad thing, I shed a tear...I'll miss them. My Birkies, my flip flops, my many, many sandals that are my best friends all summer. But alas, I have many good friends in my closet. They come and go with the seasons, but they have endeared themselves to me by being there to comfort me. It's time to change out the summer clothes in my closet for fall and winter. The summer things go to the back where they will take a nap and have some much deserved R&R. I'm a boring shopper, buying multiple colors in favorite brands.

Some very organized people have their clothes arranged by four seasons, but if you're like me and have limited closet space I play "Musical Closet" and the summer things go sit in the back! This is a great time to go through the things that need to be repaired, a button , a hem or maybe just pressed before putting away. As you sort, you're going to find the pieces that look too worn to wear, too good to throw away. Make yourself put these in a pile for Goodwill. There are plenty of people in the World that will appreciate that blazer that's a little out of fashion or the top that has faded a little over the summer.

From Real Simple Magazine, a few tips for organizing your closets...
Try this hanging technique from Kim Cosentino, a professional organizer in Westmont, Illinois: Hang all your clothes with the hooks opening toward the room (this will seem like the wrong way). After you wear an item, replace it on the hanger with the hook opening toward the back of the closet. Each season, you'll be able to assess quickly which clothes you haven't worn, because the hangers will still be facing the wrong way.
Go shopping in Your Closet...Next time you're putting away laundry or dry cleaning, grab an armful of clothes that you haven't worn since you can't remember when and try them on in front of a full-length mirror, suggests Jeanine Baron, founder of Streamliners Inc., an organizing company in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. Put the ones that you would want to buy again back into circulation; donate the rest.
Act Like You're Moving...This one works for me since we've moved a LOT!
Say you had to uproot and relocate. What would you take with you? You don't actually have to pack up anything―just set aside the few things that you love and use and see what's left over. Give those things away to someone you know that could use them, or donate to charity!
After you do this you'll find you have room in the closet for more clothes...
Let's go shopping!


  1. Some great tips to get rid of things you don't often wear! Love it!

  2. Those are some great ideas! I hate to clean closets and drawers - I usually wind up keeping everything, or giving up before I get started. Maybe acting like I'm moving would help - I hate to move, too!!! But mostly because I have to sort and pack a bunch of things I've saved for years!

  3. Joycee, I have my flip flops on right now with a pair of socks. Cute huh?

  4. I really love and, might add, can use some of the tips mentioned here.

  5. Great tips! And here in AR fall can be a little muddled-70 degrees one day and in the 40s the next!

  6. I like the tip about hanging the hangars in one direction and then switching to know which ones you wear and which ones you don't.

  7. Brilliant ideas! I have a musical closet, too. And Minnesota-style cold is just around the corner. I really need to move those tissue Ts out!


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