Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stilletto School

I'm thinking I need to start wearing heels. Oprah did a whole show on accessories the other day and heels were at the top of the list. They make you look taller, thinner and as if those aren't THE most important reasons for making yourself go through agony, YOUNGER which translates into being HIP. Anything that will make my 5'4" chubby body and 29" inseam legs look longer, I'm all for. But that said my feet have not been in real "Grown Up Heels" in a long time. New Balance has been my best friend since 1990. Other than a few pairs of Clarks, Naturalizer or Dockers, my feet haven't been more than a couple inches off the ground in 20 years. I'm not counting the rare occasions that I've HAD to wear heels. They're on only long enough for said function and then taken off immediately in the car on the trip home. Yep, a couple of weddings, a few funerals and a few parties add up to maybe 20 hours of "Wear Time." That's not even a whole day. If my feet were a boat motor I'd be considered Brand Spankin' New!

How do those runway models do it? When I watch Bravo, everyone has heels on.

The Housewives of Atlanta wouldn't be seen out without their heels on. Of course they live a little different life than I do. My weeks include a trip to Walmart, TJMaxx, Tuesday Morning, Sam's Club, the mall if I'm really bored and Windcrest Nursing Home to visit Mom. None of those places require heels. In fact, they might not know who I was!

W.W.D.W. (Women Who Don't Work) are a rare breed these days. I've been lucky to be a stay-at-home Mom and have the luxury of being a homemaker. But along the way my wardrobe and my shoe collection has dwindled to very few fashionable choices. The closet is full, but there's not much in there that would be considered high fashion. I struggle when I actually have to pull together an outfit other than jeans and a casual top. So....this week, I'm going to go to my favorite shopping places to find something that will take me off Vogue's Don't List.

Something that would make Stacy and Clinton proud.

I do hope Used~2B~New has some good things in...


  1. My back won't let me wear really high heels anymore, and when I do put heels of any height on (for special occasions, like you!), they're the second thing that comes off when I get home because the bra is definitely the first!

  2. I am a stay at home mom - then changed to a stay at home grandma. My favorite store in the whole world is Wally World - I live in Marietta!

    Those shoes are gorgeous and I wish I could wear them (?) - but I'd kill myself and others if I did!

  3. Used 2 be New??? What would Stacie and Clinton have to say about that?
    I think you know. LOL.

    I stay home too and I have to say buying great shoes is what keeps me sane.

    Go Girl!!!!

  4. Girl, I am with you. My life sounds a lot like yours. Oh how I would love to make Stacie and Clinton proud but alas those Crocs and Clarks just feel so good on my and I hear Crocs has a cozy version that is lined. Mmmmmmmm sounds like they might be my new house shoes.

  5. Nuh uh! ha ha
    Why wear them if you don't have to? SOOOO uncomfortable!

  6. Those heels give me the "hee-bee-gee-bies!" I would break my neck for sure! Back in the day I did love those wedges though! By the way, you and I are the same 5'4" and but I always wanted longer legs, Hey maybe I need those heels after all!
    Come say hi :D

  7. I love all those Housewife shows. I usually wear flip flops everywhere but I did buy a pair of Tory Burch shoes at Saks this summer. I couldn't walk 10 feet in a pair of high heels.

  8. I did go shopping yesterday but no stillettos, I would fall and break my hip!
    joy c. at grannymountain

  9. Joycee, it's so much fun reading all your articles! Love how you wrote about this! I don't wear them very often too. Sometimes not even wearing any lipstick...! But still have to depend on the places I go.


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