Friday, April 23, 2010

Allergies bad?

For the past two weeks I’ve been blowing my nose, coughing my head off and trying to stay inside away from all of the Oak pollen. We live right smack dab in the middle of a forest with nearly every kind of Oak tree known to mankind all around us. All winter we've been holed up with one snow after another, now it's beautiful outside and I still can't go out. Arrrrg!

I can tell I'm getting better, I'm not blowing all the time. I’ve moved onto the dry cough that hits me as soon as I lay down and try to go to sleep. I've been taking Zyrtec and for the most part it keeps me going during the day. At least it doesn't make me into a walking Zombie like most antihistamines.

Arkansas folklore says that locally made honey is a good natural choice to build up your immune system. Growing up, my parents used natural alternatives when they could to improve our health. I can remember Mom stirring up lemon juice, honey and water for a hot drink when we had colds. They had learned from their parents remedies that worked and were passing it along to the next generation. I'm glad that doctors now recognize the benefits of many foods and share with us that we can improve our health simply by eating the right foods and drinking a glass of wine. Isn't it great that chocolate is now good for us???

I thought you'd like to see some Ozark home remedies for ailments. The ones with the asterisk beside them, our family actually practiced when I was a kid in the 1950's! Some of these go way back and I doubt if they really did help much. But others we now read about in health articles!

Cod Liver Oil helps the stomach with issues of constipation.
*Gargle Salt Water to help a sore throat.
Ginseng is an ole’ timers’ remedy just to keep you feeling good
*Sassafras Tea should be drunk every spring for good health. It boosts the immune system.
*Sunburns can be eased by rubbing thin disc of Cucumber on the burn.
*Bathing in Baking Soda helps poison ivy.
Crisco and Lard can be used as a moisturizer for dry skin.
*Raisins left to soak in Vodka for a few days helps arthritis
Elderberry Wine lowers cholesterol
Bar of Lye Soap under the sheets at the bottom of the bed relieves body aches and pains
Castor Oil for upset stomach
Yellow Pacunne was used for the eyes
*Mullen Tea can help ease cold symptoms
*Vinegar and Honey will prevent and fight infection
Milk and Honey helps head colds
Fennel was taken for pain before Tylenol
Sulfur was taken for persistent colds
*Lemon Juice, Sugar, and Honey are mixed and drank to help with colds and congestion
Mustard Poultice was used by the Ole’ Timers
A thick slice of Potato can be placed on a boil to draw it out
The juice from a Cactus Root also helps on boils or a risen
*Aloe Vera Plant Juice can be applied to burns
*Peppermint Plant which can be found growing around springs helps relieve indigestion
*Garlic helps reduce blood pressure
*Epsom Salt baths help with arthritis and sprains
Willow Bark Tea was used as a pain reliever
Flaxseed was smooth and soft and could be used to get things out of your eye
*Flaxseed can also be ingested to help with constipation (I still buy Uncle Sam's Cereal)
Mineral Oil helps the bowels
*Mineral Oil can also be used to help an earache
Smoke can be blown into the ears to help with an earache.
*Chamomile Tea is a relaxant and helps with headaches and insomnia
Catnip Tea was given to babies as soon as possible after birth to prevent and help with colic


  1. Oh, I'll have to try the tip for arthritis - Raisins soaked in Vodka - wonder how many I'll have to consume to forget about my troubles, never mind the arthritis?!?!? Interesting reading - I enjoyed the old fashioned remedies!

  2. ~sending strength and healing blessings your oldest woke up yesterday miserable...allergy victim too...thank you for these wonderful remedies...many i was unaware nana used to sneak a tablespoon of whisky in our honey and lemon water and then heat it up...oh boy did that burn going down but let me tell ya it worked! OK...not just knocked us out for the night so we slept and not coughed all hours of the night! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  3. Hope you are feeling better real soon - just got over it myself! Thanks for the tips.


  4. Hello Joycee! I'm glad you're feeling better ...I didn't realize that Oak tree's affected allergies..where the heck have I been all these years?! I was a child of the 50's too and was raised by my English Nanna who had been a surgical nurse in WWI. I was given the mineral oil for constipation..oh yuck. The salt water for sore throat along with lemon and honey in water and a few of the other old treatments. I used some of these on my kids too and they're all still alive! I hope it won't be long until you're able to get outside and enjoy some good weather. Take care. Maura

  5. I love the banner photo.

    Turpentine and Sugar for worms or whatever..can't remember. It was a home remedy for something, when I was growing up in the Ozarks.:-) They put one drop of turpentine on a teaspoon of sugar.

    It's a wonder we survived!

  6. I have seen this pic before...wonder if some really did that. My mom used to whip up the same drink for us and I still love it.Come say hi :D

  7. I can sympathize with you as I suffered for years in Maine with chronic allergies to Spruce trees which we were surrounded by. I had the same symptoms as you, and should have had a toilet roll attached to my head.
    Actually, I should have bought Kimberly-Clark stock (Kleenex). I think I have spend a million dollars for kleenex over the years.
    Interesting enough since arriving in Texas my allergies are 80% improved. I hope I don't develop an allergy to Oak, etc. I am enjoying not having a constant runny nose.
    Hope you feel better real soon Joycee, eat some dark chocolate I am sure it will help :)


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