Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Doing nothing...

Hubby took off a couple days last week to work in the yard. We've been adding mulch to all of the flower beds and cleaning up after a long winter. There are leaves to blow, brush to clear and limbs that need to be picked up and added to the firepit stash. We are both looking forward to that day when he retires and we can plan our days around us rather than the 48 short hours in a weekend.

Retirement for some means a busier lifestyle than ever filled to the brim with all of the things you've been waiting to do. We don't have any big plans for retirement. We will travel some, but neither one of us wants a second residence, we love where we live. Hubby golfs occasionally but it's not an obsession. We both love the lake, fishing or just hanging out. There's a mindset to American life that tells us that unless we are busy 24/7, we're not productive human beings... 'Don't just sit there, do something!' Tension and stress are just ongoing facts in most peoples' lives.

I can honestly say our favorite thing to do is "nothing." I'm a little hesitant to admit that out loud, but it's the truth. Before you do anything else today, try not doing anything at all. Give yourself permission to sit down and be still enough that you can hear the clock ticking, or a bee buzzing or the kids playing outside. It's an old-fashioned stress reliever and it doesn't cost a thing!


  1. I always think that is the hardest thing for nothing. For me give me a book and I am in heaven. My favorite little quote is "How beautiful it is to do nothing and then rest afterward"...that would pretty much sum it up for me...

  2. The boat picture made me miss the 26 ft boat we used to have! We used to camp out in it and hop off to small islands in Lake Michigan - such fun! Just before gasoline prices jumped up to $5.50 a gallon, we sold it reluctantly, trying to cut back on some spending. We were fortunate to be able to sell it at that time, but, still, we miss boating!

  3. I so can't wait to take our boat out real soon! We love just doing anything outdoors except when it is extremely hot!

  4. Thanks for passing by my blog,I was happy to read your comment.I love your boat,my hubby has one smaller because we live by the sea.Doing nothing is sometimes boring but sometimes I need doing nothing,it's so relaxing!A kiss from Italy.Anna

  5. How I agree !
    But why do I feel so guilty when I just sit down to do notrhing?

  6. Amen! Your dog has the right idea--sit back and enjoy the ride!

  7. Very true...I have been doing a lot of that of late! My husband retired for 2 he is working again since the recession went around kicking butts! Come say hi:D

  8. Ahhh, the boat and water! Can't wait to get back to Washington so we can get out on the bay. Arizona is a little dry!

  9. Doing nothing is a luxury for me as my husband can't sit still for a minute.
    Winter 2009 my daughter introduced us to an Australian series (McLeods Daughters). We were hooked immediately and watched the first four years of it practically in one weekend.
    We didn't feel a bit guilty doing nothing but eat and watch DVD's.

  10. I am a big fan of doing nothing, myself! I caught up with your blog this morning, and had to laugh at the giant chicken fried steak. We used to live near Ft. Worth -- so true, so true.

    Your photos of the lake are breathtaking.


  11. After a full seven (7) days of work, I finally have a day off and am using it to catch up on blogs. And DO NOTHING. It may only last until afternoon, but it sure feels good right now.


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