Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gathering up Rocks?

Did you ever make a "Mountain out of a Molehill?" We are a typical family who gets their "nose out of joint" from time to time. It's not exactly a mountain that poses the problem; it's the molehills that are the nuisance. It's the little things that "add up," the things that you keep to yourself and then one day the list gets too long and KA~BOOM...you blow up!

I do think it's more our personality than anything else, it's not the moon in it's rotation that makes us a little crazy from time to time. If we lean toward being sensitive, or if we have insecurities that plague our daily life (who doesn't have these???) then we can't help but get a little upside down every once in a while.
My bad days often start out like good days. I charge off to do errands, pay bills and everything else on my list. Along the way I start GATHERING UP ROCKS.
Aunt B. recently named this syndrome. We all do it without even knowing we are doing it. What I mean is that I'm gathering up worries as I make each stop. The cost of living at the grocery store, health worries when I visit Mom at Windcrest, thinking all the while what is left undone at home waiting for me. Then I walk in the door at 5pm with bags of groceries to unpack, dinner to cook and all of the worries swirling around in my head. All it takes is one more rock to make me crack! You know what I mean, Hubby sits down and turns the TV on and all of a sudden you are mad at HIM! Did he cause any of this...no...he just sit down in his recliner after a hard day! It's funny as I write this, if my daughters are reading this post they will no doubt identify with the feeling. The point is we all have stress. It's the "gathering up rocks" that eventually breaks you, the load gets too heavy.
Take a breath and put down that sack of worries!


  1. You are exactly right...I am glad you shared this....
    Have a good day!

  2. What a great way to think about things...and you are exactly right. I find that when I get mad at someone I am usually just mad at myself...for doing to much..not saying no when I should etc. I do gather less "rocks" now a days and it is much easier...

  3. Oh Joycee, I think we're much the same! Sometimes just couldn't take it anymore...and all a certain burst out with tears which better than shouting! Especially during this terrifying economy. Just felt like I couldn't breath at all!

  4. I loved that post!!! I have so many d--- rocks I carry around. No wonder I weigh so much.

  5. i think we all do that sometimes. and the rocks do NOTHING but weigh us down. let's all let go(that may cause an earthquake if we do all at the same time)! let's do it anyway!

  6. Thats certainly true! And sometimes we lay awake all night worrying about them too! Hormones don't help either! But why do men not worry as much? I heard once that we have something in our brains that they don't and it causes us to worry! Come say hi :D

  7. Very nice post! I really love the gathering rocks symbolism :)


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