Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Letter sent up...

If you could write a letter to someone you miss greatly, what would that letter say? My Aunt Joy would have been 86 tomorrow. She was a great influence in many lives, not just mine. She was a good wife and Mother, a doting Grandmother and Aunt, a caregiving Daughter, lifelong friend to many and a devoted Christian. If I could, and if mail was delivered in Heaven I'd send her a letter...
Dear Aunt Joy,

Just a few lines this morning to let you know I'm thinking of you! I can imagine you have been busy since you've arrived in Heaven planting flowers and tending a garden that is free of bugs and weeds! I know how much you loved your garden and putting up the fresh vegetables for your family.

Being at your house was one of my favorite things. From the moment we stepped in the door, you and Daddy would talk non-stop! I now know that's a family trait and I have inherited it big time. I loved when summer vacation rolled around and I would get to spend a whole week at your house. The farm was so different from city life. Besides having my cousins to play with, there were a million things to do. From morning till night the day was busy for you, but I never heard you complain. Now I realize the hard work that it took to care for Grandma, she was in your household from the very start. You shared your marriage, your children and your life with her. When Uncle Wayne would go to work at 4AM you started your day, made his breakfast and his lunch. Then with kids off to school you'd feed chickens, tend a big garden, deliver eggs to customers, check on elderly relatives and come shortcuts there! Always meat and potatoes, vegetables from the garden, hot cornbread or biscuits and dessert. All that hard work was rewarded with a lifetime of living the life many dream of but never achieve. While feeding the chickens you saw the devotion of a mother hen to her chicks. While tending the garden you enjoyed the glorious sunshine and heard the birds singing. You stole many moments of prayer as you counted your blessings. There was abundance in your life; plenty of food, family all around you and your faith made you strong enough to face whatever life delivered.

So even though I'm missing you this morning, I have memories galore! I see you when I make your sugar cookies or when I plant spring flowers. I think of you when our family gathers at the table over the holidays. I can hear your wise words when I have to make hard decisions. And I think of you most often when I see a kindness in the world, when someone shares their life and their talents just because it's the right thing to do.

Love you,
Joy Colleen


  1. I'd write my mom and tell her I'm glad she is in Heaven, but I miss her so much. She was so much smarter and stronger than I ever knew.


  2. I am trying this year to write these letters while the people that I love are still with me...

  3. eyes are stinging and tears are dropping...genuine is your soul...this is beautiful and such a precious way to honor your dear l♥ved one...gone but not forgotten...i have lost a few and my letters would be long...i have learned through those l♥ved ones passings no matter how difficult say what you feel...share you l♥ve...your memories...your moments and cherish them for each day goes by so fast...beautiful is this...warm wishes and brightest i need a moment to dry my eyes~

  4. Hi Joycee,
    I found my way here through faerwillow and I am glad I did. Your post is wonderful. It seems we all feel the same regret when we loose a loved one that we didn't say what was in our hearts while we had the chance. So don't wait, talk to and listen well while you can and don't take for granted there will be time later on...there never is.

  5. I think most of us were lucky enough to have an "Aunt Joy" in our lives and hopefully we all learned from them, and have managed to pass the love, kindness, and wisdom,along to the next generation.
    I know you have Joycee. I thank you for sharing your precious letter to your Aunt Joy with us.


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