Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Joke!

This 1950 Chevrolet Club Coupe has 437 original, actual miles, and only 3 owners. Purchased new by Mr. And Mrs. Jessie Trueblood of Modesto. Shortly after purchasing this car, Mr. Trueblood took a day off to go fishing. While waiting for the "big one" to bite he witnessed a woman fall out of her boat. Mr. Trueblood jumped in to help only to fall victim of a fatal heart attack. Mrs. Trueblood returned the car home and placed it in the garage for the next 12 years. The odometer reading at that time (1962) was 413 miles.

Mrs. Trueblood lived next door to a used car lot owned by Mr. William E. Wilson (now 81 years old). Mr. Wilson spoke with her frequently and often told her he would like to buy the car for himself to keep. In 1962 the time had come. Mrs. Trueblood told Mr. Wilson she needed a car for her bookkeeper who didn't really care for the ol' Chevy and would prefer a Rambler. No problem. Mr. Wilson went down to the local Rambler dealer and bought a brand new one for $1,650.00 ($100.00 over cost) and made the swap.

He then took the car home and parked it with 433 actual miles. And there it sat for the next 45 years, occasionally being started and moved in and out of the garage...

In 2007 Mr. Wilson decided to sell the car and started spreading the word around Modesto that the ol' Chevy with 433 miles on it was for sale. Many had heard about the car, but hardly anyone had ever laid eyes on it. In fact, according to Mr. Wilson he believes he only showed the car to about 5 people in 45 years. Word spread quickly about the car and soon a buyer arrived ready and willing to pay the $60,000 asking price.

When Mr. Wilson told me the story of this car he complained heavily of the "capital gains" tax he was required to pay and wished he had never sold it.

As of this writing, Mr. Wilson is still alive and well in Modesto and can verify the miles and originality of this car.

Simply put, this is a true 100% factory original survivor (that includes the air in the tires).

This ol' Chevy now has 437 original miles and is most likely the world's lowest mileage 1950 Chevy!


  1. What a beauty and a great story. The plaid seat is to die for!

  2. Goes to show you - older things are the best! lol

    Beautiful car.


  3. Joycee, Thanks for another great post. My husband and I both enjoyed reading about the Chevy.

    Harvey actually had a friend in Minnesota that had one. That was many moons ago. Your story bought back good memories for him.

    We trust Mr Wilson is enjoying his gains from the Chevy, minus the capital gains of course. I guess we know how he feels about that subject.

  4. New to your blog -- sent over from The Harward (Julie).. Love the old style cars -- this one takes the cake! I read a few of your older post -- and I'll be back!

  5. Came across you over at The Coop Keeper,, Jayme's blog.

    This is a lovely story!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  6. What an amazing story - and a really neat old treasure! I love the old cars - you could always tell what make and model they were by the looks of them. Not so, today!

  7. I love parents had a black one like this, the year I was born too! Too bad they can't..don't..won't make such good cars now, with all the tec. why not?! Come say hi :D

  8. Joy, you find the neatest stories to share. Love this one ... can you imagine?!

    Happy Easter!
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  9. My brother had one too......wish he had kept it.....
    great story!

  10. Well, who could believe this story. If you hadn't put no joke at the top I would have swore it was an April Fool's joke! What a great car. One of my sons lives for vintage cars. I'm sending him your blog!

  11. Wonderful story! This is what I love about old cars – they just hold so many wonderful tales! Anyway, this 1950 Chevy still looks very sleek and grand. =)

    Naomi Champy


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