Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Porch Sittin' List

It'a almost time, the days are getting warmer and soon the weather will be perfect for porch sittin'. In some parts of the country, you're lucky enough to leave your outdoor furniture out year round; anytime you desire a "sit-down" they are ready and waiting!

So, in celebration of the season, here’s a list of the 5 things I consider musts to make your porch look welcoming!

Rocking Chairs...Sure, lots of folks have a porch swing or wicker chairs, but nothing says "Come and sit a spell" like a pair of relaxing rocking chairs. Can you even pass by the rockers at The Cracker Barrel without sitting down? Of course not! Add a little table between the chairs for your glasses of iced tea!

Sweet tea...Nothing beats iced tea in the hot summertime. Brew your own or buy it at the grocery store in gallon jugs. A few fresh lemon slices and ice cubes and you have the perfect drink for a lazy afternoon!

Flowers...They add that old fashioned "Grandma's porch" feel. Pots of favorites like red geraniums, begonias or lush green ferns add so much. If you have a rail along the porch, add some flower boxes for a cottage look.

Porch blinds...If you live close to neighbors, a porch blind can give you some privacy. Or maybe the sun makes the porch too hot late in the afternoon, Lowe's and Home Depot carry blinds in all colors, even bamboo for a natural look.

Neighbors/Friends...After you make your space comfy, invite some neighbors or friends for an impromtu visit. No need for invitations, just wave at them as they walk by or you see them out in the yard and say...

"Hey neighbor, come and sit a spell!"


  1. A very nice list for a great porch! Your pictures are nice today too - pretty cozy looking!

  2. Beautiful, relaxing pictures.....

  3. I agree with it all. But I want a rocking chair for the inside, too! And maybe, just maybe, after this week's storm, we'll be getting to the kind of weather California is famous for. One can only hope.

  4. You are so right. I'll join you for a glas of sweet tea.

  5. I Love sitting on the porch with family and friends it is a lovely place to sit and enjoy conversation with whoever is visiting. A glass of lemonade or wine depending on the time of day is a must.
    I love the pictures they remind of days gone by.

  6. Oh, I so love porches..grew up on one. We have a wrap around porch now...love them! Come say hi girl :D

  7. I love porch sitting. I love porches. They can really make your home looke inviting.


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