Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saving Soap

I can always depend on my daughter Stephanie to post the unusual,
the weird, the right in your face, this is my life stuff on Facebook!

Urban Word of the Day~Soap grafting
The act of attaching an almost completely used piece of soap to a new, unused piece because it is now too small to be conveniently used but you also don't want to waste it.

Use in a sentence...
My mum always soap grafts because she doesn't want to waste anything. Soap grafting is good.

(Slowly, without her even noticing, she is turning into me. I have seen her washing out Ziploc bags, wiping off foil...saving soap slivers is next!)


  1. Soap grafting, that's funny... My grandpa used to save all the little bits of soap and when he had enough would make a "new" bar out of it. :-) There were some pretty multicolored soap bars are my grandparents house...

  2. Why not? Did you ever notice how many shampoos you can get out of a bottle of shampoo after you think it is empty by adding just a touch of water.?? lots...

  3. I have been doing this for YEARS and I'm so glad to finally know it has a NAME!!!!

    Why, I must be an expert soap grafter.

  4. ~soap why did i never think of such...have to wee little pieces hanging out ready to be grafted...seems i may have found a project for the day! warm wishes and brightest blessings upon you always~

  5. Really good grafters know exactly how to get the right amount of moisture on both pieces so that the graft will stick good and tight.
    Proper drying time is required.

  6. I saw that word on Urban Word of the day. I laughed too. Mr. Wii has always taken his slivers of Ivory soap and stuck them onto the new bar. I think he has it down to a science. The ultimate soap grafter. Thanks for the smile. N

  7. I love the word :-). How long do you think it will be before she realizes she has become you? Should we have paramedics on standby? Enjoy today. Blessings...Mary

  8. I have a bar of soap in my shower right now that looks like that!
    I think we all grow into our mothers! There's nothing wrong with that!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved your post. I know what you mean, I'm becoming my mother, too and I see my daughters following suit.

  10. Hello Joycee! My grandmother used to have a little metal basket that screwed together like a tea strainer but it was for soap pieces. You put your soap 'ends' into it and hang it on the tub spout so the water would hit it and make the bath water bubbly. She never wasted anything! Love the soap grafting...a great thing to pass down the line. Have a wonderful Sunday. Maura


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