Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stupid is as stupid does...

Forrest Gump said this on several occasions in the movie when people asked him, "Are you stupid or something?" He always replied, "Stupid is as stupid does. ... Well, last week I did a very stupid thing. Not the first time I've done something stupid, and I'm sure it won't be the last. I lost a checkbook...with checks. The worst part, it was my Mom's Trust account that I am responsible for. After I realized it was gone I was in the biggest panic of my life backtracking the days in my mind. Hard thing to do since I don't have much of a mind anymore.

I searched everywhere, the desk, files that I had used recently, behind the computer, my purse about a zillion times, the kitchen area near the phone where I dump things to be filed later. No luck. Then the car. You go backwards, thinking "Oh I remember my purse flipping off the seat when I had to stop quickly the other day." But it wasn't there either. After Hubby came home we searched his truck thoroughly but it was useless, that checkbook was GONE. I called the bank and they said to come in the next day.

That night I had the worst nightmare. Hubby and I were on vacation in Mexico. I had to use the restroom and when I went inside the floors were dirt. All of the stalls were full but there was a little lady standing beside two convalescent potties(the kind that are bedside in hospitals). She turned one toward me and said in broken Spanish "Go ahead, take this one." The other she was "adjusting" screws on the legs for her own use. Let me say again...this is a dream and it's getting pretty weird!!! OK, I'm perched over the pottie and then her husband is suddenly in the room with us! Strange, but I am in another country so I don't say what I'm thinking which is "What the heck are you doing in here?" Then they start making chit chat with me. I then get my purse, which I have hung on a nail on the wall and start to walk out. All of a sudden I realize my purse weighs nothing! I look inside and my wallet is GONE! I turn around and there they sit at a table (in the restroom)going through my cash and credit cards with big smile on their faces!!! The guy has my husband's Iphone and is playing with it. I demand they give it back and start yelling for the Police. They calmly tell me that it's a holiday so the Police aren't working and take off with my things. That was the end of the dream/nightmare. I was so glad to wake up!

First thing the next morning I went to the bank and Thank God, nothing was missing, no activity on the account other than the few checks I write each month for her care. They simply put a stop on the remaining checks in that checkbook.

Why am I sharing this very personal shortcoming? Just want to tell you be careful. We are all in a big rush anymore, going a million different directions in a day's time. If I had put the checkbook back immediately after getting home this wouldn't have happened.

Stupid CAN be cured after all!


  1. May I just say you are not ..stupid.

    Losing a cheque book is an accident ..

    Repeat after me ..


  2. Not stupid at happens. I left my purse behind at a Brownie Tea once when my kids were little and that was a major panic attack. I did eventually get my purse back...sans my weeks pay (cash), my cheque book and two booklets of rent one get one free video coupons. I was shocked...after all it was a Brownie one there but little girls, their moms and Grandmothers...can't trust anyone!
    Needless to say, after that experience and hassle of changing my baking accounts etc. I keep a firm grip on my purse.

  3. My husband found a cell phone last Sunday on the road and another on Thursday on the road near the neighborhood mailboxes. We found the owners and returnd both. The second had a debit card with it! (returned as well). I only hope that if anyone ever finds anything I have lost, they will also be honest and return it.

  4. Thanks for the reminder. This DOES happen to all of us at some time or another--hopefully not with a checkbook, especially not one belonging to someone else. So glad it seems to have turned out okay after all.

  5. Gee whiz...the tension of it gave me a headache! It's true though, we can never be too careful, especially with things like that. Come say hi :D

  6. Drives me CRAZY when I lose something! I'm sure you were frantic, thus the nightmare!!
    Glad it worked out OK in the end.

    Also glad I'm not the only one that has "stupid" moments! Not that you're stupid. Don't misunderstand...oh well. Have a good Saturday!

  7. Life is hectic most of the time, and with that faster pace comes the opportunity for the "accidents" like the one you had! YOU ARE NOT The most frantic thing about it (to ME) is having some strange man in the potty-room with me! Ugh! Glad things turned out well for you.

  8. I can relate to this story, I often put things in a safe place and promptly forget where that safe place is. I drive myself nuts!
    I am paranoid about my purse I am always checking to make sure it is always by my side. I drive my daughter crazy with that quirk! I can't help it though.
    So..I guess you have lots of company Joycee :)

  9. This is NO stupid at all! This may happen to any of us, no matter young or old. So, just try to be much careful in the future.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I agree that loosing something isn't stupid, its just that your mind is very full of other important things and you couldn't remember one more thing : )

  11. I don't usually misplace things. I always know where my keys are. Where my wallet is etc. Not that I am neat and tidy but I am a creature of habit.
    Except when it comes to paper work. I never know where I have put the papers. Stacks and piles of them. Sigh.
    You must have been frantic.

  12. I sure wouldn't say that makes you stupid. It was an accident..happens to me all the time!
    I put things away thinking "I'll remember where I put this"...then I forget!
    I'm glad everything turned out for the good!


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