Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1947~A Very Good Year!

When we go to Steak and Shake, my mind zips back to 1966. My soon to be SISTER-in-law took pity on me and would invite me to go cruisin' with her. We'd circle through Taylor's and Steak and Shake out on Glenstone, laughing and having a ball! Those were not carefree years, my brother was serving his country in Vietnam and she and I were forging a friendship that would last a lifetime. Something very special happened on this day in 1947... Happy Birthday Terry! Thought it would be fun to go down "Memory Lane" a little and see what was going on that year. She loves trivia so here goes...

1947 Cadillac Convertable
•Americans are able to purchase the first new cars manufactured since the beginning of World War II

•First airplane to break the speed of sound
The first pilot who achieved a supersonic speed in this aircraft was U.S. Air Force Captain Charles "Chuck" Yeager, on October 14th, 1947 'Glamorous Glennis'. The plane was christened by him after his wife.

•The "New Look" of long, full skirts becomes the rage of female fashion

•Inventor Earl Tupper invents Tupperware, and with it the "Tupperware party," a unique way of marketing the products directly to homemakers

•First documented sightings of "flying saucers"

•Drive-in theatres become a booming industry


The Hotties were Ava Gardner, Gene Tierney, Dorothy Dandridge, Rita Hayworth,
Lauren Bacall, Lana Turner, and Betty Grable.

Edward Lowe invented Kitty Litter®

1947's Most Popular Christmas gifts were Steel Pogo Sticks, John Deere Die-Cast Tractor, Lionel Trains Milk Car and Tonka Trucks.

Top Songs of 1947

(This is what was playing on that old Rambler Radio in 1966!)



  1. Joycee, Hope the Birthday Girl has a great day. I love the Cadillac it would be a lot of fun cruising around it that beauty. I think the model in the full skirt looks beautiful, and Chuck Yeager....A true American Hero!

  2. What a fun post.....
    The top songs from the 40's were great. Mom and dad loved those so much esp. Near You and Peg O' My Heart.
    Then you got into my day....the 60's!!!! Great! I nearly wore out my first Beatles album....Still have it!
    Happy Birthday Terry!

  3. Loved the post. It sure took me back in time. I remember most the good old days and especially the Rambler. We sure had a good time. Thanks for this. I love it and it made my day. I hadn't realized there was so many Beetle songs then. This is something most people can relate to.

  4. Hope you had a great birthday sweetie! Anyone who gets to go to Mexican Villa for lunch and Village Inn for pie ought to feel spoiled! Wish I could have gone too...Love ya!

  5. I too loved this post. Happy birthday to your Terry! Love your header. Kinda looks like it does up the Pigtrail only last I was there, it wasn't as colorful just yet. I love meeting fellow Arkansas bloggers!
    Oh what a trip down memory lane this blogpost was. Makes me hungry for a moonpie!!!
    Enjoyed my visit to Grannymountain!

  6. Fun, fun. And who would have know... Earl Tupper, huh... wow.



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