Monday, November 1, 2010

Being Social

I've been on the phone a lot the last few days, talking mostly to machines... in
Menu H-E-double L.
With all of the modern conveniences we enjoy, it shouldn't be so hard to connect with a human on the phone. Sometimes you just need a human to straighten things out.

It's the same thing when I go shopping. I get in line, load my groceries on the belt and if that checker even notices I'm there...she doesn't say a word. Not all the time, but often anymore. And while I'm griping about things, I want to say that little shopping bag merry-go-round where they sack our groceries has to be one of the poorest excuses for efficiency and service known to mankind. I can't tell you how many times I end up at home without my vitamins, or that tube of lipstick that I took 45 minutes picking out. Sometimes it's something really important like the pint of Ben and Jerry's. That gets me all upset and I just had to vent, did I ever tell you that you are a great listener?


  1. If this isn't the truth ! I feel like cattle being herded throught the check out line more times than not...I just take my time..make sure card / money is put away and that I have everything that I purchased..

  2. I hear you! I have come home without things I purchased. I actually noticed that I didn't have everything I purchased at Target several months ago. I went back in and told the cashier who's reply was I gave you everything you purchased. I checked the car again and couldn't find my items. I went to customer service, she didn't believe me until an honest, good person came up to the counter and turned in my missing bag of goodies. They had mud on their faces but no apology. Go figure. I still shop at Target because I love the store. I do not leave the check-out though until I account for all purchases.

  3. I just noticed you're visiting my blog, Joycee, and so I hunted you down and, first rattle out of the box, I've gotta say how much I love that orange header picture! What a beautiful bunch of trees! It's been so dry here we aren't getting very good color. I went by where I used to work to see if their two maples have turned yet, and I guess they won't be pretty this year, either. One year, they were absolutely crimson.

    I'll be reading some of your older posts during the next few days, as time allows. From this one, sounds like you and I might have a lot in common. --Ilene

  4. You hit the nail on the haead my dear....these days they had to TRAIN people to say good morning.

  5. You really have such a lovely blog. Anytime you want to vent - I am all ears! Been known to go down that road myself a couple of times!!

  6. My pet peeve is when they are checking me and another clerk is standing by their side and they are carrying on an in-depth conversation while checking my stuff! I usually make them give me the tiny stuff to put in my purse.

    We should all complain. They are taking our money and the least they should do is be courteous and helpful!

    That top photo is spectacular. My October Glory maple is not going to be glorious this year.

  7. I agree completely. I also am frustrated when they are scanning things so quickly, I can't even see the price it's ringing up. When we were in turbo-frugal mode last year with my husband's extended lack of employment, every penny ...and I mean EVERY penny mattered. By the time they hand you the itemized receipt, IF you find a discrepancy, you have to go stand in line at the customer service counter to get it corrected. Hassle, hassle, hassle. I think the grocery stores have gotten to be all about THEIR convenience, sacrificing ours in the process.

    Whew ...thanks for letting me vent too!

    : )

  8. OH my. I just met my daughter at the Meijers store a couple of weeks ago to pick up my grand daughters for a visit. We live about an hour apart so sometimes if we both have a little shopping to do we will meet half way. I only needed a couple of things but the cashier just kept gazing off somewhere else and when he got to my bananas he just dropped them from about 2 feet up into the bag. Next came my daughter. She was replacing one of my grand daughters winter jackets. Cashier just whipped the jacket on top of the the round it thing and did not even bother to place in a bag. While we were gathering our things up "I grabbed a bag myself and bagged daughters things" while the cashier had moved onto the next person. My daughter surprised me and marched right up to one or the customer service people at the door and made a complaint. Mind you she is my youngest daughter mid twenties and I did not expect this of her. But she was really upset to have her mother treated so rudely. LOve, love my daughters.


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