Monday, October 25, 2010

Berry Delicious!

We have a new store that's opened recently, Ulta. It's like Sephora and has almost all the major brands of makeup, creams, lotions and potions to make you feel beautiful. They have been tempting me with coupons in the Sunday paper so I made a trip out to the mall to see if their prices were as good as the flyer said.

I have a real weakness for bath products, and this time of year my favorites all revolve around food. Anything that you might find in a bakery or a coffee shop...things that are made with at least a pound of butter and sugar. If it's vanilla, chocolate, coffee, or caramel scented then I have to have it! 

The ad mentioned Graham Webb products, my all time favorite mousse. My hairdresser uses this and when I leave the salon I look like a different person...for two days! Until I wash that mousse out of my hair I have close to perfect hair, Farrah Fawcette hair!

They also have Tarte cosmetics. I love their lipsticks, they are made with a 15 fruit complex and no parabens, sulfates or other synthetic ingredients. They have Borba skincare in the lipstick too so they actually improve the look of my lips with each use. Multi tasking is one of my fav-o-rite things!

Ulta has their own brand of cosmetics, for much less than name brands. I am a brand buyer though so I will most likely stick with my favorites but I might as well save a little money! Just for coming in they gave me this nice bag of generous size products! For FREE, can you believe it??? I'm gonna love this store...

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  1. Oh lucky you Joy! When I lived in Atlanta, there was an Ulta just a couple of blocks away... it was amazing how often I went there.


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