Friday, October 1, 2010

Coat Weather

We dipped into temps in the 40's this week, BRRRR! Not unheard of, frost has been recorded as early as September in these Ozark hills. In fact it was 28 degrees at Mom's house at Lead Hill in September 1989!

I'm not worrying about that right now, I'm just enjoying these glorious Fall days. The sun makes the water look like diamonds...

My drive to town changes every few days with more reds and yellows and oranges!

The sumacs turn a burgundy red signaling to the deer that cold weather is not far off.

Our dogwoods are the first trees to change color. Some of them got very stressed during the 100 degree days in August and have already dropped their leaves.

This one gets special treatment since it's next to our patios on the east side of the house. I water the hostas and ferns daily here and the dogwood shows it appreciation!


The best indication that Fall is here...I can see the lake again!


  1. Beautiful photos Joy, wish I were seeing that here in eastern NC but unfortunately, it's still cloudy from a week of nothing but rain. Waiting on the trees to turn...

  2. wow I love all of these photos. well done.

  3. How beautiful! We've finally started getting cooler here in Houston. Lows in the 60's and high in the 80's. We think that's pretty awesome. :) Happy Fall Ya'll!

  4. Beautiful photos! Here in Maine we are almost at peak, but it is raining to hard to get out and get photos. Enjoy!

  5. Hi Joycee, Your pictures are beautiful. I can see why you love living in Arkansas.
    I love living in Texas. It has turned cool in the mornings and the temps are in the 80s thru the day. Perfect!
    We are now eating dinner outside because it is beautiful in the early evening, and no pesky flies driving us indoors.
    Have a great weekend:-)

  6. Oh THANK YOU for the pictures! We just don't see a true Autumn here in south Alabama and I miss it so.

  7. I was in Hot Springs this weekend, and you could begin to see a little color on some of the trees. The cooler temps certainly say fall.


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